Started clearing land for new garage

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by MaryB, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. MaryB

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    Took down 1 tree that got shredded by a storm in 2011 and was rotten down the center, and removed branches from a boxelder that was hanging over the work space. Also removed a boxelder sucker tree clump by the driveway. All stumps ground down to 3 feet below grade. Waiting for the landscape contractor to show for a bid on grading and fill then the pole barn guys start on my new 24x30 foot garage. Garage is running $22k, concrete floor and foundation insulation is another $5,500. Guess landscape/fill work will run another $1k or so.

    After 30 years+ of parking out in the weather or in a tent style garage I am looking forward to having a real garage and shop space for the wood working stuff. Just have to figure out how I am going to heat the garage.
  2. SWAGA

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    With fire.........


  3. I have a 1500sq. ft. Garage, I heat it with a in wall mounted furnace made for mobile homes burning natural gas. You can plumb them for lp also though. Vents out the wall so no stack. No loss of space, quiet and ceiling fans on a variable speed control keep warm air distributed evenly and cool in summer
  4. EvilE424

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    pellet stove??? Those burn nice and hot!
  5. moona11

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    Barrel stove?
    I have the old house furnace in my garage.
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    SOLAR Supplemented, MB! :D
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    Make the roof out of glass so that the sun can heat Your concrete slab passively.

  8. MaryB

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    Interior is getting finished, white liner so no skylights.. besides in winter the sun barely gets to 30 degrees above the horizon! Thought about a corn stove, have to do some special tricks to use one in a garage legally. Has to be raised off the floor x amount(need to look it up) or I can't get insurance. R50 ceiling insulation, 8 inch thick bats in the walls so it will stay pretty warm on its own.

    Looking forward to this going up! Been to many years fighting winter! And I am to old to stand there scraping ice off my windshield any more.

    DEDUBE Si vis pacem para bellum Member

    Wow that seems expensive but it's been 12 years since I built my last garage, it was 32x44 ft with 12 ft ceiling. Had my wood shop in the back 12 ft so the garage for vehicles was 32' x 32'. I had one other guy that I paid to help me and some friends would stop by once in a while. I would have been 51 years old at the time. At 63 now I wouldn't even want to try building again
  10. Hermitt

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    I am sooo jealous! :wah:

    I recently picked up a new to me '94 vf750c Magna and have nowhere to park or store it when winter comes.... I'm currently looking at trying out one of those 'garage tents' that they sell at wally world for $140 and bringing the fuel tank and seat inside the house.... :p
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    i've heard heated garages are actually worse for cars than parking outside.
    All the snow/salt on the roads getting heated up by the garage in winter time actually promotes rusting
  12. Since you are already pouring a new slab, plumb it for heated tubing.
  13. thundercroozer

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    No problem Hermitt,, I can store it for you :). I'll even start it once or twice a week to make sure the battery stays charged,, and the gas doesn't go bad,, and the air stays properly circulated in the tires :D
  14. MaryB

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    Anchor it well! This is what happens to one in 95mph winds. It snapped 1/4 inch steel cable to the anchors, twisted the top of an anchor off, bent another so bad I had to dig it out of the ground... and I did not use the factory anchors. I used 3 foot ones knowing my high winds.


  15. MaryB

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    I priced that, bumped the slab from $5500 to $9k...

  16. Rerun

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    Instead of 1/4" cable You should have used more of that red tape You had holding the siding on Your house!

  17. rippinryno

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    if you have any amount of timber around and if you like splitting and chopping wood like i do, go with a wood stove, with a blower on it. Can't beat it!
  18. MaryB

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    That is house wrap tape, it HAD insulation and siding over it when that happened...

  19. MaryB

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    No source for wood here, I live on the prairie... firewood is expensive. I can buy corn or pellets just as cheap.