Started my Mosin Nagant project today

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  1. 1. Purchased a 1937 Mosin Nagant for $95 at a local gun shop.

    2. Made Benny at richer by purchasing
    ATI Camo Stock (Monte Carlo style)
    ATI Mosin Nagant Scope Mount
    Leapers 3-9X50mm Range Estimating Adjustable Full Size Scope
    Accushot Weaver Style 1" High Profile See-Thru Rings
    NcStar Mosin Nagant Muzzle Brake

    3. Took Gun apart, very easy to do ! Remove 2 screws and the bolt action.
    Notice the ejector spring was broken.

    4. Ordered a new ejector spring from Tennessee.

    5. Cleaned all the parts.

    6. Re-Blued the gun using Birchwood Casey, fairly easy process.

    7. To be continued when my parts arrive !!
  2. Did the blueing process last night and now I realize that I have to drill and tap holes for the scope mount. I also have cut off the Bolt action bolt, then drill and tap for the new ATI one to work with the scope.

    :oops: I guess I'll be going thru the old blueing process again :oops:

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    Well,, I looked at this the other day. And couldn't think of anything to say as I was waiting for the pics.

    So Just to lay it out there please take pics before you get all crazy, Then some during.

    AND when you have Bad arsed it out well you know WE WANT PICS>

    also want to throw it out there that I believe there is a no drill and tape mount but After spendin the $$ on the one you have I understand not wanting to Buy another.

    Also The handle on the bolt sad day there but would like to offer some advice if I may. I'd look into buying another bolt for this project. Not cause I think you'l goof but this way it could be put back to Original configuration.

    PICTURES, PICTURES, pictures.....
  4. on auction arms there is a guy who will sell you a bent bolt handle for 35 bucks with no core, and he will even put your old serial number on it, that way you can always go back to original with a plug weld for the scope mont and some blueing.