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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by desertrider, Mar 10, 2016.

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    California offers several types of lotto games and every once in a while I'll buy a ticket just for kicks. When I say once in a while, I'm talking maybe three or four times a year.

    Well the last time I bought a ticket was a couple of Tuesdays ago (3/1) for the 3/2 draw. I bought it at my neighborhood donut shop, just under a mile from my home.

    So this morning I decide to check my numbers online and see if I won anything. I click on the website and see the list of current winners (current).

    Lo and behold there's a jackpot winner. Cool, some lucky stiff hit it. How much? 22 million. Okay, I wonder where he bought it? Donut Tyme. Wuuut?

    Sure enough, Donut Tyme in Riverside, Ca.

    Hold on! That's my donut shop! The place where I pick up my ever loving tasty chocolate covered buttermilk bars!

    The winner was for the 3/5 draw on Saturday. My ticket was for the 3/2 draw on the Wednesday before.:wah:

    Story of my life.:(
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    NE Utah
    So close!

    But no.....:(

    I'm always amazed at the lotto systems. They spend MILLIONS advertising and administering them, and give away a ton as well, over time.

    So...I always much actually goes into the state kitty and gets used for the purposes intended?

  3. LOL

    I don't even bother. i just feel like I wasted 3 good bullets every time I buy one.

    every year we get a few dollar ones from people as Christmas presents. Honestly, just give me the 2 dollars, or buy me some crap tool from harbor freight.
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    I think I started buying tickets in the mid to late 90's at a rate of less than ten bucks a year on my own.

    A company I worked at had a pool in my department where everyone could chip in two bucks per draw ($4 per week). I thought, hell, this increases my chances substantially and most of my department was doing it, on average that was 25-30 people. I joined the pool for about six months.

    I figure that even after the occasional win, which always rolled back into the pot, I lost approx $100.

    I gave up on workplace pools after that.

    The wife and I still blow money at casinos at least once or twice a year though.:eek: