Steal Mom's Gun Turn It In At School!

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    Whoever made and sponsored this video needs a good old fashioned azzbeatin


    Think little Billy will become a convicted felon? Go to college? Get a job other than washing dishes?
  2. I saw the ad, surprised it is still on youtube. It outright condones and encourages breaking of numerous laws.

    It does show that gun free zones do not work.

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    The cause for thiven little critters is, as in this video, THE PARENT. Leaving a firearm where it can be taken by children or others.
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    Try teaching kids to respect other peoples property, STAY OUT OF MY BEDROOM!
  6. Just imagine if he took his mother's BOB to school, and turned it in.
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    A Knock at the door.............
    A police officer and a swat team are parked in your yard, guns pointed at you.
    Hello Ms. Smith I'm Officer Fife and your son is in jail after bring a loaded firearm into a Gun Free Zone,making threatening hate speech and trying use his White Privilage , we are holding him for a mental stability check.
    You can come down and answer some questions or I can arrest you now turn you over to Eric Holder at the DOJ.
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    Battery Operated Boyfriend? :eek:
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    My kids can't wait to take my guns, but not to give them to anyone.
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    Someone stuck it in the dark area.