steel sleeve for firing pin channel

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    It bugs me that the firing pin wears at the slide the way it does and I think a steel sleeve for the firing pin channel would make the pistol last longer, They could just make an bolt that screws into the slide and then cut the channel for the firing pin that way the channel for the firing pin would last and the bolt face would have a more solid contact with the base of the cartridge.
  2. A steel sleeve lining for the firing pin channel is a good idea. Would definitely cut down on long term wear but would add another step in the manufacturing process and up the cost of the guns a bit.

    My C9 has 1700+ rounds thru it so far and I see no signs of excessive wear in the firing pin channel. Not sure what it will look like at the 5k-10k mark though.

  3. It's probably a good idea to keep the whole slide just one piece of metal. Here's a picture of the slide from my Jennings 9mm pistol which is no longer shootable. It has a steel breech block fitted inside of the slide. What happened here is over several hundred rounds, the block became pressed rearward in the slide to the point that the metal behind the block pushed out into the firing pin channel. This prohibited firing pin travel and opened up the headspace. The gun is useless until I can find another slide for it.


    If you look close, you can see the gap around the front of the breech block where it used to be located. At least if the firing pin channel ever wears too bad on the Hi-Point, it can be replaced free.

  4. hmmmm.... Good point wizzard. Guess the engineers at Beemiller made a good call by not including steel in the zinc alloy slide. After seeing your Jennings slide I understand why they felt it best to stick with a solid alloy instead of steel/alloy mix.
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    Ever hear of galling, that is when two like materials rub against one another, like steel on steel! Why do you think piston rings are made of chrome and not iron or steel.
  6. I had a .25 a couple of years ago that had a steel channel for the firing pin. It split rendering the firearm useless. I am glad that the slide on my 9mm doesnt have that opportunity. Thanks Hi-point for that big hunk a metal I call my own.
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    The problem is not the fireing pin channel its the breech face.