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    Does anyone know how to go about building steel plinking targets. I will be shooting a hi-point .45 at the intended target. Thanks for the help
  2. I've looked into this myself. Most people recomend using high-strength armor plate (which makes sense). Soft steel can pit and send back dangerous shrapnel.

    Most targets I've seen are made of 3/8" thick AR400 or AR500 steel which alot of people on the internet sell for reasomable prices (6" round for 8 bucks). Just search "steel targets" and you should get plenty of sites.

    Remember, probably the most important thing after choosing the correct material, is designing it properly. Make the target absorb the impact and redirect the bullet (or what is left of it) to the ground, if possible. Do not make the target plate rigid and inmovable.

  3. I used 2 flywheels from a small block chevy.
  4. DO NOT use FMJ or JHP ammo for steel plate shooting!

    When shooting steel plates with FMJ and JHP ammo you run a serious risk of core/jacket seperation as the round strikes the plate. Once seperated, in full or in part, the jacket tends to ricochet badly and can/will/has caused serious injury or even death.

    If you desire to shoot steel plates, you need to use cast lead or copper plated Lead Safe type rounds. The copper plated rounds use a lead core and a soft/thin electroplated copper coating that will not seperate from the core when it strikes steel plates. The copper plating is strong enough to prevent leading of the bore, at non magnum velocities, yet soft enough to deform like a traditional lead bullet when it strikes a hard target like the steel plate.
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    I have never shot steel plats before, but would like to...

    I shoot cheap $0.99 shaving cream cans (new), generic caned soft drinks (shaken well first), coconuts, pumpkins, heads of lettuce, and empty plastic protein power containers filled with water. All of which are a great cure for the paper punching blues.

    The shaving cream cans are awesome when hit with a 30-06! :shock:
    (just make sure your at least 50yards or more away)

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  6. +1. When it's time to "take out the trash" you can really "take out" the trash! :)
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    When I was a kid the local brewery would bring truckloads of "green" beer out to the gun club in both cans and kegs. You ain't seen nothing till you've seen a barrel of beer hit by a civil war cannon ball on an 80 degree day. :shock:
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  9. hmmm i had a site that had a decent diy target, but they recommended 3/8 inch steel and have it at a 45 degree angle so it deflects the bullet into the ground. i'll look around when i get home to see if i can find the link (found it while doing some research on reloading, i won't be home till monday next week though)

    a buddy of mine swears by dog food and canned corn for his 12 gauge =]
  10. garbage dump

    I go out to a BLM site and the place is full of the kind of junk you're talking about--pop cans, jugs of various kinds. Please tell me you clean up after yourself--it looks like nobody out here does and it's a real shame.
    It may well be that when a BLM bureaucrat one day takes a look, the whole place will be fenced off, and rightly so.
  11. Re: garbage dump

    Yeah it stinks when a gun range looks like a public dump. Its a real shame
  12. ericg0729, to get back on subject.

    Here is an idea I was working on for a "dueling tree":


    The basic concept is you each start with 3 targets on each side and 10 bullets. Who ever ends up with the most targets on his side looses. To make it intresting and fast, if someone ends up with all the targets on his side, even if its before all shots are fired, looses.

    Its prety simple to make, the only "tricky" part is to cut a pipe at a slight angle so the target always "falls to the front" be it left or right side:

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    make the steel targets that swing when hit. we had targets made from a bulldozer front blade cut into 4, 6, & 8 inch circles that hung from a rod. when you hit them they spun around the rod and returned to the hanging down position. we blasted them with EVERYTHING over 15 yrs and not one ricochet or penetration. these were hit with all types of ammo including surplus military ammo from around the world.