Sten mags

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    What do you think about moding sten mags for high point use? I have never looked at one up close but I was told they are single stack.
  2. Even if one person tried and failed, that doesn't mean another person may not try and succeed.

    If the drum is not super expensive, give it a try! You would be a god to the carbine people if you got one up and running dependably. :)

  3. If I remember correctly, a Sten mag is a double stack feeding into a single stack (copied from the German MP40 mags,) so you'd have to graft an existing HP mag on to of it. How would you feed the last ten rounds?
  4. robertv77

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    I thought they were single stack, I guess they are just single feed. I guess its back to the drawing board.
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    the feed angle on a sten is wrong, plus you have the same spring tension issues as you do with the drum. oh well.