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    Awhile back one of my best friends regrettably had his father pass away. He inherited all of his father's firearms and chain of car dealerships. Being young and having the stress of his fathers death, owning businesses, family drama related to the death, etc. He moved across the country to escape for awhile. Doing so required he sell a few of his father's firearms he wasn't attached to. I was entrusted with helping him sell a few.

    Among them was this Sterling M400 DA .380, which I sold to my adopted brother after he graduated from the marines. It was his first pistol. He's now fallen on hard times, is receiving no support from his biological family (they still have legal custody but granted our family guardianship as they're missionaries in another country, which has brought about an insane amount of drama... but I'll save that rant). He's decided to sell this pistol and asked if I'd like to have first dibs. With the wedding, honeymoon, med school, MCAT fees, etc. I'm pretty tapped.

    I'd love to buy it from him, or offer him a "pawn" for it, but I'm not sure. Figured I'd ask you filthy animals what you thought?

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    I do like the sterlings. They don't go for much, but they seem like quality little pistols.

    That one looks to be in really good shape. I'd buy it.

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    NE Utah
    It's in great shape.
    But...they are hard to find parts for, and aren't worth much, unless a collector gets crazy.
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    I like sterlings. My wife inherited a .25ACP from her dad when he passed. But they don't command a lot on the market (or at least they didn't in the past).

    IMS, this one is basically a (non-parts-interchangeable) knockoff of the Walther PPK (the PPK has gotta be the most copied handgun in the history of man). Your example looks to be in really good condition and the wood grips do give it a certain je ne sais quoi.

    A quick google seems to show that values run from ~$125 to $300 depending on condition and market.

    New manufacture magazines apparently are available for ~$40.

    If I had bags of money laying around, I might buy one just to have it, particularly because it looks in good condition and everyone like the PPK form, right? But, honestly, if you put it up for sale here on the Marketplace, I'd probably let it pass.

    That said, if my brother were trying to sell it to me, I'd scrounge up the cash and buy it from him. I'd make payments if I had to and I'd tell my brother that I'm not going to get rid of it and it will always be available for him to buy back. Sort of an in-family long term "pawn." Family is important to me. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I'm with Kirk on this.

    I have let go of a few firearms that had family memories attached to them and I regret it to this day. I got this silly idea in my head for a while that I needed to get rid of the firearms I wasn't shooting.....bad thinking on my part.

    Keep it in the family.