Steyr pistols @CDNN

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  1. azhipoint

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    hi all
    Hope this post finds you all safe and well.

    Anyone have any info on these Steyr hand guns..(GLOCKMAN)..
    I Know they make 1 heck of a long gun.
    CDNN has them for $330ish - xfer fees, in 40sw and 9mm

    Thanks all
  2. Ari

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    I have a friend that is a shooter and a collector he loves them. People talk about the Hi-Point being funny looking. The Steyr is worse :wink:

  3. azhipoint

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    I know what you mean by looks LOL
    hell I own a Hi point .45 (butt ugly), a stock saiga (maybe a kiss ugly)
    and a turk mauser 8mm or Two :wink:

    I like to get into a gun on the cheap...
    if she works when you turn her on it's all good.

    hi point 45... $169.00
    Saiga x 39... $285.00
    turks $69.00 per plus 1200 rounds :shock:

    Smile on my face priceless

    Thanks for the reply Ari
  4. Mordecai

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  5. The guns and their prices are in the print catalog. The online catalog only has some of the guns without prices. CDNN is a good place for magazines.