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    One common denominator seems to be trouble with Hi-Point 9mm magazines. I wish there was a sticky that told you how to modify the magazine to improve feeding. Everytime I take my Hi-point out I have FTF. I have sent my C9 back to the factory twice. The ramp has been polished by me and the factory. I have posted messages before and always got help. Nothing seems to help.

    I want detailed instructions on how to adjust the tabs at the top of the magazine. One thread had beautiful pictures but how am I to adjust the back tabs to .355 and the front tabs to .345? When I load a cartridge in the magazine and push it past the front tabs, should I fell alot of resistance, slight resistance or no resistance. This I can understand.

    There has to be a simpler standard way to modify the mags and I feel this is important enough to make it a sticky in the pistol section.

    Thanks for listening
  2. If anyone can assist in this endeavor, please post something and I'll make the sticky. Thanks.