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  1. I guess those(including me) that have been saying that the mil surplus arms/ammo are gone in Eastern Europe are were wrong.

    In one salt mine in the Ukraine there are over 1,000,000 arms and tons of ammo. Maybe as many as 3,500,000 arms. This is at one site and there are several other smaller sites. They range from WW1 on. Include WW2 German, Colt potato diggers from WW1, swords, sub guns, Maxims, AKs, DP-28, etc. Likely to be SKS's also.

    If they don't use them up sorting things out there, maybe some will come here.
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    Kewl for the Mil-Surp Collector types :D

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    someone better hurry up and import them before more ridiculous bans get put on them! shame the AK's wont be able to come over, without cutting the recievers in thirds, and now with barrel restriction, they have to be cut in half too.
  4. Not likely they will leave the country until after things get sorted out there. Not often weapons are removed from a country that a civil war is starting in.

    It would be nice if this is where the Winchester 1895 that are unaccounted for are and come here. The Colt potato diggers would be nice also.

    FWIW: IMO those eastern European countries have been foolish to get rid of all those AKs. They should have looked to Finland for an example has to how many to keep on hand. It's been good deal for us though.
  5. We probably wouldn't get the AKs even as parts kits. Russia has a trade agreement with the US, no AKs except for Saigas and Veprs. 7.62x25 ammo is also a big nyet.
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    90% of any imported AK's in the last 20 years havent been from Russia anyways. (as far as parts kit guns go) most parts kits are Polish, or Bulgarian, with a handful of Israeli and Hungarian tossed in for good measure. just a shame that after 2005 importers had to destroy the barrels too.
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    Well, there's been a rising tide of pro-2A voting. Perhaps some legislative action could reverse, or at least loosen, some of these restrictions.

    Getting FA firearms in my lifetime, while a goal, may be a bridge too far. But getting semi-auto back again should be doable and the restrictions on barrels should be extremely doable. Call and write your congress critters.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    actually my legislators have done some decent things for pro2A here in Indiana, and at the same time have done some flat out stupid stuff, but, we have it better than some states for now. i'd be THRILLED if they'd just lift the barrel ban, oh the things i would do for some true commie AK parts again!!! supplies are so limited, and prices have quadrupled, and honestly, theres no reason to have to chop up a perfectly good barrel. here's to hopin!!