Stimulus check should be spent on guns/ammo

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  1. BELLEVUE, WA - Americans should "let the government buy your next gun" by spending part, or all of their economic stimulus checks on a new firearm, ammunition or shooting accessory, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

    Economic stimulus checks will be going out in the mail this spring as an incentive for American citizens to go shopping to help boost the nation's sagging economy. CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb thinks it would be a boon to America's firearms industry for that money to be spent on pursuits guaranteed by the Second Amendment, while also providing jobs and paychecks, and creating new jobs for people in the industry.

    "This is our money, anyway," Gottlieb said of the stimulus checks. "If we weren't paying it in taxes to begin with, it would still be in our bank accounts and wallets, and we would already be spending that cash on a new rifle or shotgun, perhaps a new handgun and ammunition, shooting accessories and other equipment.

    "Set some cash aside to buy gasoline for a trip to the range," he added, "and don't forget that with every firearm and ammunition purchase, Americans contribute to the Pittman-Robertson federal excise tax program that supports state wildlife agency programs, including hunter education. Not only will these purchases provide a much-needed boost to the gun industry, they allow gun owners an opportunity to take more than just a symbolic swipe at anti-gunners and anti-hunting groups."

    Gottlieb also suggested that firearms retailers consider offering special discounts to customers who use their stimulus checks in their stores.

    "These checks should help pay for a lot of new guns and gear," he said. "We think there are few better ways to celebrate our fundamental right to keep and bear arms than to spend your money where it matters the most: At your local gun shop or sporting goods store."

    Cabela's here I come...:D
  2. I agree, just make sure your gun and accesories are made in the USA. Alot of guns are made overseas (shotguns in turkey, AK's in .... well everywhere but here, etc).

    I, for one, will be getting several AR lowers.

  3. elguapo

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    What I really need is ammo. I like the idea of AR lowers.
  4. All of mine is going for American parts and labor for a weapon
  5. z71silverado98

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    Ive already spent my check(credit) on an S&W
  6. I'm gonna have to talk the wife into splitting it like $100-$200 apiece, maybe I can pick up a shotty or something.
  7. Hi-Point, Remington, Ruger, Smith & Wesson... so many choices, so little time.
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    Dang and I was planning on spending mine on Cali wine and loose women. Oh wait. I don't think the wife will go for that.
  9. I plan on using it to pay for my ccw class and the money I have to send to the state.
  10. Mine is going towards a AK-47 the wife said I could have and all the ammo I can carry.

    Going to the gun show this weekend to pick up a 500 rounds to run through the 995 so she don't get jealous of the new rifle in the closet :lol:
  11. I was going to buy ammo with the stimulus package but I changed my mind. Now I'm thinking of spending it on a nice vacation for my wife's birthday at the Indianapolis 500. Then I'll buy ammo and a new Hi-point.
  12. Mine is going to fill the tank and keep taking me to work. It was a nice thought.
  13. Man I know that feeling, gas is killing us right now and they say its gonna get worse. :shock:
  14. I already pre spent mine on a new gun vault from Dunham's. It's an American made unit so I feel good about it. If, between now and when the check actually gets here, momma forgets I spent this money I'll be getting either a Hi Point 45 or something from Ruger. Fingers are crossed!
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    Im beginning to think about buying a 20" bull barrel upper for precision plinking with my AR :)
  16. p7196

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    I haven't prespent yet. But I am window shopping like hell. I can't decide on what I want. I know my 2 kids are a Crickett each. My youngest is getting a pink one and my oldest is getting a red one I think. OOOpppsss I have done some prespending, I bought a Mossberg .22 rifle off gunbroker. It was a new gun and was only $100 so I did prespend.
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    Doesn't matter if it's a U.S. made gun or not. Just buy a gun. My stimulus check already bought two Croatian guns (Springfield XDs).

    I don't know why people are foaming at the mouth about buying U.S. made goods with the "stimulus" check. Why don't you just buy only U.S. made goods ALL the time? It's YOUR money, spend it how you like.

    Even if you buy something that happened to be MADE somewhere else. There are still VERY many jobs between when it's made, and when you take it home.

    Shipping companies, truckers, gas stations, wholesalers, truckers (again), gas stations (again), shipping companies (again), stockers, sales managers, store clerks...

    The fact that something was made elsewhere, has very little to do with the actual industry itself.
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    Uraijit you are so right. Also you hear people whining about paying $20 for a shirt that was made in another country for less than $1.80. When you factor in everything merchandise goes through before it is even retailed it has a reason to be a 20 dollar shirt.
  19. Planning on spending mine on an AK-47 and ammo for it.
  20. Ain't that the truth! I'm down to about 500 5.56 and under 100 .308

    Plus--who knows how long the cheap 5.45 is here for!?

    My plan is to sink it all into ammo as soon as I get it!