Stinging slap from my carbine.

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by SteveCal, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Greetings fellow tax payers and shooters. I am an 'old guy'. I bruise and bleed fairly easily now adays due to blood thinner. Shooting my 995 over the past year the stock is really stinging my cheek and leaving a big bruise. It is becoming uncomfortable to shoot. I look like I've met the business end of a rolling pin.

    Anyone else experience this problem? Anyone have suggestions to correct this problem? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.
  2. shepherd321

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    No one else has this problem, Hipoints are heavy and shoot pistol rounds. Sounds like medically you need to use a 22LR, if you want to shoot a rifle.
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    I don't personally experience this with my 4095 but contrary to what shepherd said, there are several threads about this on the forum and quite a few do experience it.
    here is a link to one:

    the common suggested fix seems to be a cheek pad, but others might be able to give you better advice.

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    Padding should work. We've had people run everything from mouse pads to moleskin and even neoprene cut from an old wet suit.

    Another suggestion that's been offered as a solution is removing the springs from the butt plate and replacing them with washers to keep the LOP.

    I grew a beard and have fat guy jowls. No slap from my 4095.
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    I mounted a red dot sight on my 995 and used normal tall AR15 height mounts. There is almost no cheek weld so slap is minimized.

    Unlike what the shepherd321 says, cheek slap is real on the carbines.
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    I generally use a shooting a center fire rifle round and then up to a 12 gauge slug round as a comparison for recoil. The guy says it is putting serious bruises on his face, who else on here gets bruises from their 995?
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    Did you miss the part about blood thinners? Cheek slap is different than recoil.
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    It stings me too if I don't hold it right. Ya gotta WELD your cheek to the stock.
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    Yea...mine slaps the crap outta me.

    The 4595....nothin.

    But my 995 is soooo accurate and fun. It will put them through the same hole at 10yds if your capable. (Im not but my kid can:shooting:)

    (New smilies...I love it!)
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    It might be ok with you but I'm not going to put my cheek on Mole's skin.

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    Go directly to CDS Tactical as they offer a discount to forum members. And it let's them know you heard about them here.They are board sponsor

    This is what I got on a used 995TS [​IMG] looks better than the CDS I have tried it yet. I have the CDS's on everything else. My WC995TS [​IMG]

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Side by side. Godagrip is much thicker. That is the thicker CDS BTW. IMG_20171210_124019.jpg
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    As speculated on other "cheek slap" threads, I blame the springs in the butt stock. Unnecessary in my opinion. Adding the foam pad suggested by "FunN4lo" in his post helped eliminate the mild slap I was experiencing, plus holding the stock snugly to my shoulder. But the other suggestion of going to a .22 rifle will stop your problem which is most likely due to your medicine, since most find the slap only mildly irritating.

    Good luck SteveCal. You obviously enjoyed everything about your carbine but that.
  15. Thank you for the replies and suggestions.

    My .22LR bolt doesn't really bother me.
    And the 7mm Rem Mag doesn't sting or slap like my 995 does.
    Don't understand it. Just the way it is. I'm really tired of the discomfort and bruising. Price of aging I guess.

    Perhaps I'll just stick to a .22 Short or BB gun and save my pretty face. NOT.

    Think I'll give them a call TrailerTrash. Thanks.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Just because someone else doesn't get cheek slap with a 995TS doesn't mean someone else doesn't.
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  17. Also just make sure you check in ASAP with whomever is prescribing your anticoagulants to ensure your platelet count, INR, etc are in the therapeutic range. (But I am sure you know this already).
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  19. Yeah I took those things out, part to shorten the LOP, and because I tend to pull the stock in tight against my shoulder when firing, and I believe the springs were causing the rifle to destabilize while shooting, affecting my accuracy (because my crappy eyesight and poor skills clearly have no effect on my laser-like precision shooting).
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