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  1. I was thinking about picking up the compensator Hi-Point sells on their website. Was looking for some opinions on this as far as pro's and con's. Any help is appreciated.

  2. Hey adam, some people have complained about how ugly that thing is. I have a series compensators/flash hinders thats I'm working on. Take a look at them see if its more to your liking.

    Just use the seach button and look for "flash".

  3. Bushman98. I like yours much better. Do you have any available?
  4. GlockMan

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    In defense of the factory Hi-Point compensator it is a function flash deflector when using optics on the carbine. They are installed on all of my carbines and have proven to be able to withstand tough use without issue.
  5. Soon adam, very soon.
  6. Make sure you let me know.
  7. Lashlarue

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    I opted for the oem as it was the only one that didn't block the laser in my ATI stock.I admit that many of the others Ive seen are cooler looking, and if I didn't have the laser site I would have chosen one of those!
  8. Dreamthief

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    I have the hipoint comp on my carbine and it's solid and does what I wanted it to. I don't think it's ugly at all...but I also love the look of the original config of the carbine though ;)