Stock Flexing on carbines

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by ratchowmein, Sep 4, 2014.

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    I occasionally see the subject of how HP has allegedly stated the rigid ATI stock could cause receiver cracks, while the flexibility of the early 995 stock and even the later TS stock, did not.
    Any opinions on this theory?

    The subject recently came up in the thread (Removing the 'recoil reduction' feature on TS stocks).
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    Well here's my theory and it's nothing more.
    If you're gonna put a bigger motor in a little car stuffs gonna break.
    You put a blowback action in a stock which is designed to fit rather then specifically designed for it stuffs gonna happen.

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  4. a 9mm in the ATI stock shouldn't be a problem. 9mm carbines have such low recoil as it is. I don't have a lot of rounds through my ATI but as cheap as it is, if it develops a crack down the road I'll just swap it back into a monkey or TS stock. If I have any issues I will report them. I'm going to pass my ATI around to some friends to shoot for testing on this and to allow more rounds to be fired out of it.
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    It is not the stock that develops a crack, it is supposedly the receiver of the 995.

  6. Yeah, but I'll bet the drivetrain is no longer stock! :D

  7. I believe the concern here is RECEIVER cracks, not stock cracks. You might want to look again. :eek:
  8. Mine is still good I just checked it. Maybe I'll do a torture test to see how many rounds it takes to cause the receiver to crack, if at all.
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    One major difference in design that I see, is on my HP 9mm carbine stock, the bolt impacts a honey comb area in the stock. On the "rigid" ATI stock, it impacts a rubber bushing placed before the end of the receiver channel. If the owner failed to include that bushing or it wore out, it could possibly lead to a problem, but I've never heard of one.
    I do know from experience, that there is less "cheek slap" with the ATI stock.