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  1. The one thing I don't like about the stock stock is it feels flimsy and has no weight.

    I started with the empty shell,



    I then added 3 tubes of silicon to the large voids,


    and epoxy to the small voids,


    The stock is now much more solid and the weight is very nice. I haven't shot it yet but I would suspect the silicon will act as a damper for the recoil.
  2. sweet. let us know how it goes.

    I recently mounted a rail to the bottom of my spare stock but its really too flimsy to work the way it should. I need to go back and fix that.

  3. Wow, I betcha that smell really nice. I hope you did not put both halfs toogether before the silicone dried.... or maybe thats your intent?
  4. The one side was mostly dry, the other side was wet. That way, the wet side could fill the dry side voids.

    I need to find the front barrel band but once I do I try it out.
  5. I thought the original stock was too flimsy as well, but I just went to the craft store and bought a one pound block of modeling clay, and molded it into the rifle butt. I put it in a zip lock bag first so if I didn't like it, I could just pulled it out. I didn't address the rest of the gun, however. The butt was the only part of the gun that was truly hollow. I think it worked out okay.
  6. There really isn't that much play in the forestock but the silicon helps balance the weight.
  7. Since I brought it up, here's where the center of balance is without the action.


    My finger is right behind the pistol grip near the wrist.
  8. Spoke with the factory today. They again said they're trying to get the new stock out late summer. They also reiterated that the ATI stock is causing cracks and failures in the action due to the ATI design.
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    did they say if it was going to be available for purchase by those who already have a995 or if it was going ot have to be something we buy a new rifle for?
  10. It will be an "accessory".
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    I spoke to one of the guys, at HP, in January, after I bought my HP at the Dallas Gun Show. He said he was projecting 6 months (July?) and he said it would be available for purchase. We were discussing things I wanted to do and he told me if I waited 6 months the new stock would be out and it would take care of the things I was wanting to do. He couldn't give me a cost, but he said he thought it would be very affordable.
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    i like the sound of "very affordable"
  13. Cracks in the action? Wow, that's pretty messed up.
  14. Would that be July 2008? Or is it going to be like the 4595 predictions?
    Hi-point doesn't have a good record when it comes to release date forcasts. Hopefully it will be out then. I would be excited to see it and get one. Will it be available for the 4095 as well?
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  16. Once I finish my OEM stock, I'm taking the ATI off. The risk is low but not worth it.
  17. It would really be great if owners had first crack at the stocks. I like the prototype and would like it for the 995 and the 4095.