Stolen Firearm Alert Section

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    Maybe add a stolen firearms alert section like this:

    We can't have enough of these info outlets. Every little bit helps.
    I think all firearm forums should have this.

    Hey Jones, do you read these.
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    If not him, one of us does.
    Thanks for the heads up, rob.

  3. Did anyone ever pick up on this? I think that would be a great idea as I have had numerous guns stolen. Plus I really only spend time on this forum.
  4. NONAME Hmmmmmmm "numerous guns stolen" ..... Sounds like a security issue at your pad................. :embarrassed2:
  5. There was a security issue. I think that someone with a big mouth told the wrong person that I had them hidden and was going to be out of town. Minus my brother's recent ignorance concerning my AK, I haven't had a breach in sometime. I found that the best thing that I can do is to not have other people watch my place for me. Or just to take everything with me if I am going to be gone for more than a couple of days. Also, it's a good idea to keep multiple copies of your serial numbers as they can be taken as well. I have had guns stolen three or four times and no, not all from my residence. Not all of them were even in my possession. I am usually quite sure of my security. One thing that I have learned though, is that even your friends can become your enemy for the right price. So I just don't trust people with sensitive information at all, no matter how long I have known them. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
  6. Sorry guys, we talked about this and dropped the ball with follow up.

    We're not going to add this as a section. While most of us are upstanding citizens and wouldn't think of abusing such a section, we cannot control who jumps on here ( to a degree) and what they post. And the info could be used for other reasons. IF you sell a gun legally, or buy a gun legally, the paper trail is complete and there is no need for this information. IF you are going to buy a gun and think it's stolen, this isn't the place that would/should have that data.
  7. Guess I didn't think about it that way. That's why I keep better records now.
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    there is also a liability aspect to this that we dont want to tangle with as well.

  9. Sounds good guys, and NONAME, sounds like a lesson well learned...................Good luck in the future. Quick Story, When I was a Realtor, I went to look at a home being listed for sale by a deputy sheriff. when in the basement, I saw a blanket hanging down, nailed to the floor joint. Moved it back and WOW, the nicest collection of about 10 rifles and shotguns you ever would want. I told him for a dep. sheriff, not much thought of bad guys...... just looked at me dumb...... asked if he really wanted me to list the house and when he said yes, I told him ONLY if he removed all the guns from the residence............ Now that was just dumb security on his part...... end of story, he listed and we sold and haven't seen him since. ........ Some people just don't think. :devilsidesmile:
  10. My wife thought I was a little over kill when I installed our gun safe.... Being a welder, I had access to something a little more stout then lag screws. I drilled 5/8 in holes through the floor of my closet and safe, and then installed rods through them with a strao connecting them at the top. under the house, those rods continue and there is another strap connected to them under three floor joists. Not that you couldn't take the whole safe, but you would have to rip out a hole the size of a volkswagon to do it...... When ever I am gone for an extended time, I take a selection with me, and then clear the house into the safe, except the wifes gun.

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    I hate to say any lock can be broken. My brother had guys break in take the safe. The cops found the guns and wont return them to him. Is that his fault? Let me go to home depot get a 90 degree Milwaukee grinder i will cut any lock you have. DeWalt makes a good cordless grinder too.