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  1. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    Woke up to the sound of the coffee pot gurgling. Yessss! Coffee!

    Guess I should of known there was a problem when there was not that wonderful coffee smell wafting through the house.

    Walked into the kitchen to get a cup and was met with a floor full of hot water. The grounds and funnel thingy was sitting on the counter.:oops:
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  2. Cynical

    Cynical Member

    A lady at work did that once with a commercial size coffee maker.

    I recently bought an electric percolator and the first time I tried to brew coffee I did yes have the tube lined up right so the water never percolated through the coffee grounds. Was perplexed when I poured just hot water. Have it all figured out now.

  3. Dad_Roman

    Dad_Roman Supporting Member

    Lol...If thats the worst thing that happens today you got it made in the shade:D

    ....aaaaand good mornin!
  4. beaglenc

    beaglenc Member

    I have been through the whole gambit of makers....even the kind that grind it and brew it. All were well intentioned gifts from folks who care.
    Wheeel, last year after a camping trip that ALAWAYS has the old timey perked coffee that leaves some grounds in there for the last cup of joe. (Why do I love that cup?)
    My ancient 4 cupped dripper finally carped out, was I'm Wally world and there it was. ..a stainless steel, no filter needed perker. Hamilton B theach, $40.
    I LOVE that thing. No switch, no timer, just plug it in. Funny that I am back to 40yrs ago and using a plug-in timer like we did in the old days. Anyone?
    My grandmother had one of those things rolling all day, every day. I can remember being fascinated watching and listening to that thing perk.
    Stops perking automatically. Of course I had to get the schematic to figure out how that happened regardless of the amount you wanted to make.
    Get one, go back in time.......who needs a Delorean?
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  5. Cynical

    Cynical Member

    That’s the same one I have.
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  6. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    We had three sizes of that one growing up. There was a small 4 cup version, a normal 12 cup version, and the 2 GALLON version for family functions.
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  7. MaryB

    MaryB Supporting Member

    I have an old fashioned enameled stove top percolator I use for company that drinks coffee(give me a coke! Yes for breakfast!)
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  8. Dane

    Dane + unkown number of likes Supporting Member

    I just Keurig . . . . :D
  9. Twisty

    Twisty Simple by choice Supporting Member

    Perk is the only way to make coffee. Perfection needs no improvement.
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  10. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    The only thing I like better is a press pot.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    If the filter holder funnel on my POS B&D is off coffee dumps all over the counter. Best to load it when you are wide awake............. ;)
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  12. Dane

    Dane + unkown number of likes Supporting Member

    o_O Perk is only one step away from just dumping the coffee into the pot and heating over a campfire :p

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I have one I have never used for SHTF coffee brewing. Elcheapo "Ozark Trail" made out of 100% enameled Chineesium.
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  14. duster066

    duster066 Supporting Member

    The perks are the worst. Seattle, 21 years of Seattle, will make a coffee snob out of anyone who likes the stuff. Don't give me any crap about that either. It's been well researched; no one on the rock does it better than here. There are lots of ways to do it right, but all have one thing in common. They only heat the coffee once and then all heat is removed. The chemical reactions that we like are the ones that occurs on the first heating. The reactions that make it black mud happen with continuous heating reheating, or any other heat.

    My maker is the cheapest single cup'er on the self. The second of the same model. I can make a latte or any cup to die for, and they don't cost 3 bucks a cup. There are easy rules to coffee. If you follow them your coffee IS better.
  15. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    Camp coffee beats all other coffees because there are no rules.
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  16. moona11

    moona11 King of you Monkeys Lifetime Supporter

    Not according to Duster.
  17. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    This ^^^^^^^^^^^!!!
  18. cicpup

    cicpup Resident PITA Supporting Member

    Then why does Starbucks suck everywhere else?
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  19. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    That's because Duster lives in a state that has to refer to itself as a state because when people from Washington the state say they are from Washington, the rest of the world assumes they mean DC. He's half commie by association.....
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  20. eldarbeast

    eldarbeast Supporting Member

    I thought it was because you are out camping, hunting, and fishing for one to two weeks.

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