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  1. For those of you who are sick of getting e-mails that tell you to forward it
    to at least X number of people in the next 15 minutes so that wonderful
    things and miracles will happen if you do, or there will be serious
    consequences if you don't, then you will enjoy this.

    Make sure that your volume is on .
  2. Seen it before. I hate emails. I hardly ever check my email.

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  4. that was pretty good, I do hate those emails, although I did receive one that was pretty good, forgot the message but it said if you don't forward it to everyone you've ever met in your entire life a ghost will rape your dog in the middle of the night and send pictures to everyone you know.
  5. I got one once that told me to send to 10 people , so I sent it to the person that sent it to me 10 times.
  6. What really burns my rear is when you get junk email from someone and to top it off they do not know how to use BCC and there is your email address in plain view for all of the spammers to collect.