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    So I recently bought my first handgun (a CF380) and still trying to decide on how to store it when I'm not able or allowed to carry and in my home. So how does everyone store their firearms in their vehicle when they can not carry somewhere or when they need to store them secure in their home?
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    For the home, I'd suggest a Hornady vault. They have a few buttons you can press to activate it, or you can run one of their RFID bracelets over the sensor and it'll pop open. Expensive, but worth it if you have kids. This one also has something the other biometric safes don't have: an eletrical cord to plug into the wall socket.

    For the car, even a cheapo $35 fold open can be handy. Just loop the supplied steel cable around your seat frame, insert the cable into the lock box, and they'll have a hell of a time pulling that box out of your car.
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  3. MachoMelvin

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    In my armrest consul, cocked & loaded! Right where I can jump into the car & grab it if I need it!
    At home, it is either in my SOB or on the night stand, cocked & loaded, right where I can grab it if I need it!

    I can't think of any place else my EDC could possibly be?
  4. My EDC/HD pistol. is kept either
    A. On me
    B. In my center consol
    C. at home in the top drawer of my dresser.

    All of my other guns are kept in my closet with a child lock on the door, and the ammo on the top self.
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    Thanks for the info, is that the upstairs closet?
    Oh, what time do you leave for work?
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    My pistol.....Always loaded, one in chamber
    1. On me, sleeping-night stand, watching tv-some times coffee table (no brats).
    2. Center console of truck (I try not to visit places I cant carry concealed)
    3. If I leave it home for some reason, locked in safe with 22 rifle, shotgun, AR and other 3 HP caliber pistols.
  7. wont get much money from my guns buddy.

    Id be a lot more excited to get into your armrest consol.

    or ajoles, gun room;)
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    No longer have any young kids. But when "anyone" with kids are in the house, I use the house gun pistol's Integral lock. When they leave I unlock it. All the rest are in a gun safe.
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    I had to look those up, as I thought you meant one of those trigger locks. It was demonstrated in my CCW class how ineffective those locks really are; universal fit means some pistols you can move the lock back and use it to pull the trigger
  10. Our handguns are on our side in the home, all waking hours. We no longer have children so they are usually within reach during sleep. The rest of our guns are in the safe.

    For the car there is a small safe under the drivers seat, and two cables in the trunk. Most of the time the guns are on our sides though. About the only place I take it off is at the doctors office.