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So I picked up a British Enfield re-import from a Boscovs department store like 15 years ago for $69 and finally decided to spruce it up. I threw an ATI Monte Carlo stock on it, bought a scope mount for it. I dropped a Nikon Pro Staff 3-9x40 w/bdc on it for good measure. So now I’m all ready to take it to the range and get it sighted in then? Some problems with the cheesy scope mount make it impossible to sight this bad boy in. I take it to the local Gunsmith to see what he can do to make it sturdy. 1st I'll give ya a couple of pics of the weapon in question and then I'll tell ya the story bout the bulged barrel.

So I stop in around 10:30 in the am to speak to the shop owner who says the gunsmith wont be in till the afternoon...and yer welcome to leave the weapon for him to look at when he gets in. So I do that and proceed to go do some shopping. I get the call later to come in and get my weapon so I head on back. What he tells me is a real shocker. That the scope mount is too cheesy and is actually canted rather extremely to the right. But most sinister is the fact that the barrel is apparently bulged right behind where the bayonet and sight lugs are on the barrel. And that this bulge is probably contributing to my lack of accuracy with the weapon. So I'm rather floored by all this...the only thing he didn't say was..."I'll buy it off you for $50 bucks kid".
So now I do my research to correct the problem with the scope mount since the gunsmith is useless. I discover that S&K sells a rather rigid scope mount that I can use with low profile scope rings. I order it and do my waiting. When it arrives I tried using that plastic tasco scope guide...no good...head on over to a real gun shop where the store owner just sights it in for me and says have a good day. Now back to the range.
So here is my target from 50 yds. Pretty good for a bulged barrel I guess :lol:

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