Strange times

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  1. My brother was telling that someone we both knew died a couple of months ago.

    One or more people then broke into the house and stole all the ammo, but left all the guns that were stored right beside the ammo. I've heard of houses getting broken into after the resident dies, but it has always been all the guns stolen and the ammo normally left there.

    I guess we know what people consider the most valuable now. Still seems strange to me, so I guess I'll have to change my worldview now to match the times in this area.
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    Right before my dad passed I took the few remaining firearms and all the ammo and stored it at my house for my mom. I knew about the break-ins form a friend of mine who is a retired cop. We also had a couple friend house sit while we were at the funeral. It is a sad day when you have to do that to attend a funeral.

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    Can't trace ammo... :eek:
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    Can't really trace guns either. I mean, you could tell that it was one of those stolen guns with the right check, IF the guns were correctly reported with the correct numbers, which is a HUGE if.... but a criminal isn't selling via an FFL, he doesn't care.
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    A purchaser is less likely to consider that a batch of ammunition might be stolen. For face to face purchase, many honest buyers will take down the seller's driver's license. And, even if the thief gets caught, the justice system is a lot more stringent on "gun offenses" while ammunition, well, that's just not the same thing.

    It's "safer" for the thief to swipe the ammo.

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    So you are saying it was another shooter... o_O
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    Unless they get caught and swipe the ammo one bullet at a time from the barrel of a gun.