Stress and nicotine

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  1. I never understood why some people would quit smoking for years and then start again when they went through a divorce, got fired, etc...

    Another doctor gave me pretty much the same diagnosis: asthma. Whether or not it's temporary or here to stay is up in the air, but for now I'm off firefighting and on restricted duty... looks like I may be stuck in an office for the foreseeable future. I've given up trying to stay away from liqour, but I'm trying like heck to stay away from chew/dip... I've been quit mostly now for about a month, but darn if I'm not tempted to put a lip in. Tempted just to give in... any one got any advice? My gums don't need it, and I need another bad habit like a hole in the head, but I'll be darned if it wouldn't feel good right now...
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    I quit smoking in July. I quit drinking almost two years ago. The best advice or saying I ever got was from my dad, who heard it from someone else: The urge to smoke (or dip) goes away whether you have one or not.
    Also. The second you cave, the quitting process starts all over again. And trying to quit just sucks. STICK with quitting. I'm pulling for you!

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    If you cave, then you never really did quit in the first place...
  4. Alrighty, staying quit...
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    Ni stinkin' thinkin'!
    Dont dwell on it.
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    trying to quit sucks bad. me being a dip user myself have tried and failed miserably. i quit for about 4 years once and like an idiot started back. one other time quit for about a year and my wife being a smoker has cigs around so i tried the smokeing thing and really hate it so i went back to my dip. its funny this topic is here because i was thinking to myself yesterday its time to quit and quit for good this time.
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    I don't know crap about guns, but maybe I can help out with this.

    I dipped for the better part of 25 years and quit probably 10 times during that period... Sometimes as long as 3 months. I was an expert. But I really, REALLY wanted to quit. Just didn't know how. Then with the wonder of the internet, I stumbled across this site;

    Which led me to this;

    Remember, there are two things that you're fighting when you quit. The first is the nicotine (physical) habit. But that is completely out of your system in 21 days so you no longer have a physical craving. The hard one is the dipping (action) habit. That craving can last for a long damn time. That's why I stuck with the fake stuff for a year. It's like a pacifier for a baby. By then the nicotine was WAY in the past, so it was down to just not sticking nasty tasting crap in my mouth. It's like a pacifier for a baby. For me anyway, it was easier to break one habit at a time.

    Between becoming a member of the forum/support group and the Smokey Mountain, I've now been tobacco free for 63 months and dip free for 51 months. Must've worked.

    At any rate guys, I wish you the best of luck in your quest to become tobacco and nicotine free. If you have any questions, feel free to ask 'em.
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    I have been smoke free for 5 years now....and I still get cravings....but thanks to a good wife and some decent freinds...ive been able to maintain.
    Get a support group going...freinds, family, here....well help all we can....right guys?
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    ive always been a "casual" smoker. I like a good cigar once in a while, and in extreme stres situations ive ben known to chain smoke an entire pack of camels to get under control. It maybe happens once every couple of years. never was a continual puffer.

  10. Quiting smoking was one of the hardest things I have done but im glad I did. I do dip snuff now but I figure at least I dont smell like smoke, or blow second hand smoke everywhere. It's weird because diping or chewing has never held me hostage like smoking did. If I want to stop diping I just quit. I figure everybody needs a vice of some sort. Hey we all gotta die of something.
  11. i have been off tobacco for 12 yrs now and once in a while i still get the urge....but DO NOT cave in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Had a dream last night that a buddy offered me a Menthol, and I tried to turn him down. "haven't had a smoke in 3 years," said I.

    He kept pressing, and I caved...

    "Guess you never really quit," he said.

    Thanks alot! ;)
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    I will one day give up my master-crafted blend of only the finest hand picked Samsun & Izmir Turkish tobaccos with a robust domestic tobacco blend. It creates Camel's distinctive flavor and world class smoothness. But today just isn't that day.
    Dang, some folks grew up wanting to be like Richard Petty, others wanted to be like President Reagan, but me... Joe Camel was my hero!
  14. camel? world class smooth? every one i ever tried damned near choked me to death!! they are STRONG!! lol...
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    Strong but smooth... Camel FILTERS are smooth... regular unfiltered camels are very harsh.
  16. Giving away my tins monday...
  17. I've been quitting for the last 5 years now, hardest thing I've ever done in my life.........
  18. I was smoking a carton in 2 days, seriously. Walking bundle of nerves. VA told me to either quit or die. I choose to quit.

    A few years before I had gone cold turky from drugs, alcohol with no problems at all, one day I was a user next day I quit with no problem. Never looked back.

    It was HELL to quit smoking. I failed 3 times. But with the help of the support group at the VA, the patch and drugs, I finally quit. Its been about 8 years smoke free now.

    When someone walks by me smoking and it hits me my stomach churns. I know I'm off of them for good.
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    Waltham, that's what I did with smoking. Just decided one day to quit. Bought a pack of cigarettes at a gas station, smoked two in the parking lot, threw the rest of the pack in the garbage can, and drove on...
  20. I need to quit.
    In December I was up to 2 and a half packs a day.
    Last week I had a heart attack, 2 stents installed and damage to my heart. I need to go back to have 2 more stents inserted.
    I am now closely watching my diet and I'm smoking about 5 cigs a day but I need to quit.

    Trying to watch the diet and quit the cigs is really tough.