Striker vs Hammer fired?

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    Should there be a difference in how hard the primer is struck? I've only had my BG to the range once with Tula ammo. I had a a lot of misfires, but they all went off on the second pull. I didn't have any other ammo. Now I'm wondering if it was the gun or the ammo. I read where people have no problems with .380 Tula in their HP .380. Since dollars are short in my life, I' can't just grab a box and go to the range to check it out. So I thought I'd ask. I don't know when I'll get to the range again. I have 2 strikers, my Cobra .32 and my JCP. I know it's like apples to oranges, but to me the strikers seem to hit a lot harder than my DAO. Is it just my imagination?
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    Depends more on the spring than the method of striking, might have either a work firing pin spring or firing pin.

    The only time I've ever had a problem it's been one of those two parts.

  3. Tula, or military grade ammo have a harder primer. Same for NATO spec ammo.

    Military arms such as the CZ83 380 should have a harder hammer strike. I shoot steel cased ammo from my PA-63 and have no problems even though I swapped for a lighter hammer spring. But if I were to go too light I would run into problems also.

    Probably should avoid steel cased ammo in your BG.
  4. Tula definitely has harder primers. But this is why double strike is nice. in a single action striker fired, you would be ejecting all of those cases and reloading them all.

    But is is usually easier for a single action to have a heavier spring and thus a harder hit. A DAO the heavier the spring the harder a pull it has. You think the pull is hard now, throw a heavier spring in and you will be happier to pull the trigger twice.
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    At first, I didn't like the DAO, but after a few misfires. my opinion changed!
    I really didn't think the pull was hard, just LONNGGG! That's what bothers me. But in a SD situation, pulling the trigger won't be much of an issue. And yea, harder hit requires harder spring, guess I'll just keep quality ammo for the one or two bullets I'd need in a SD situation.
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    Personally, I think Tula ammo's primers are too hard to be trustworthy. I've had failures to fire with several guns of different calibers with it. If my CZ75Bor XDM can strike the hell out of it and not set it off, I blame the ammo.

    With the TCP I wasn't surprised because the trigger is so light I know there's hardly any force behind the tiny internal hammer. With my full sized guns I'm going to say that after examining the adequate strikes that I wouldn't trust Tula ammo for anything other than practice ammo.

    I have 500 rounds of assorted PPU,Tula other imported stuffs. Then 2 boxes of hollow points.
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    I just picked up a box of Fiocchi FMJ for 21.99. Hope they fire better than the Tula. "They" said they would.