Strip the blueing and polish

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    I just ordered a FEG PA-63 from Centerfire and after seeing a posting from Nowonma showing what he did to his pistol, I have been inspired.
    Any recomendations on stripping the blueing from the gun? I am planning on naval jelly, as Nowonmai used, or muriatic acid right now.
    Any recomendations on polishing after stripping? I have a bench grinder with a 6" buffing wheel available.
    I also ordered a 15# recoil spring and 11# hammer spring from Wolff and hope the firing spring is OK as it looks difficult to replace....
    Centerfire advertised the gun as being in "excellent condition" so hopefully it wasn't fired a lot.
    Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.....
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    I can't help you with stripping off of the bluing because I wouldn't dream of changing the appearance on my PA-63, but...

    First off, if you can change your order, I highly recommend the 9# hammer spring. I purchased the calibration kits and shuffled them around and had a few different people test them and the 15#/9# combination came out on top.

    Replacing the firing pin spring is a simple, 10 minute procedure. And because it's my understanding that changing to the 15# recoil spring and not replacing the firing pin spring can cause slam fires it's also a safety issue. Besides, you'll get to clean something that probably hasn't been for years.


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    Navel Jelly will remove the bluing with no problems