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  1. Hi there , 1st post. Had a heck of a time registering on the forum but here I is. Anyway I just just changed my classic over to the TS stock. I also got the forestock side rails. One has stripped threads. It came that way and I did not over crank the screw. The rear one that retains the sling loop. I was thinkin of putting a little clear nail polish in the thread side hole to retain the screw. I think it would work better in this case than Lok-Tite. OR do ya think that mom would send me a new rail on my word that I did not screw it up. I have a Lekker shroud coming and since that funky below barrel rail wont allow the shroud to fit it looks like I will have to cut it off. All else is good to go.
  2. cicpup

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    Well you could do that. Or just gently remove it like everyone else.

  3. bionicbaer

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    Take the stock off and you can drive the rail out of the stock with a plastic hammer its just press fit.
  4. ajole

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    How do those connect? I'm totally confused, as the sling loop is held on with one of the regular nuts in the that what is stripped?

    I've never seen it, so Pics would help.
  5. talon

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    The rails bolt on thru the body, with one end having the bolt head recess, and the opposite side has a metal threaded insert in it.
    Pics definitely, the metal insert would have to be stripped.
  6. Yes I know the below barrel mount will just pop out but that would leave a hole where it was. I cut it off flush. Shroud came today and fits and looks nice. The side rail has no metal inserts just plastic threads which I thought was kind of a poor design thought. I still have not delt with that.
  7. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Mine do, i specifically took them off my carbine to see how you got yours stripped. again, please post a,pic so we can see exactly what youre talking about then.
  8. Rachgier

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    I don't know man. I just pulled mine and it looks a lot like pure plastic and no inserts. I'll get the pictures up as soon as I get my new phone sorted out. Apparently it doesn't like my SD card....
  9. talon

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    I dont have a macro setting, but mine clearly have silver threads inside the black plastic. Mine are a few years old, maybe newer ones no longer have the insert and are all plastic?
  10. Rachgier

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    I thought about breaking out the actual high dollar camera for this one but I was feeling lazy.

    This one from the top makes it look like pure plastic threads.

    This one makes it looks like there MIGHT be an insert.
  11. ajole

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    I think I'd be for hogging that out to fit a nut back in there. Would have to leave a shoulder for the nut to sit on, which begs the question, is the thing deep enough for the nut to then sit below the rail.

    Not the best design...
  12. hypnodoc143

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    Nice pictures, nice detail... I've got to break mine out and check it...
  13. Think1st

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    If you can't hog out the stripped holes, you might just coat the insides with some JB Weld. After it has cured, you'll be able to use it to catch your bolt threads, and it should be at least as strong as the original material into which the threads were first cut.
  14. Rachgier

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    I took those with my new Galaxy S4. I debated about breaking out the actual Fuji 24mm digital camera and taking the shots in HD with the macro filter, but that sounded like WAY too much work.
  15. Fixed it. As it turns out the screws HP provides for the rails are 3/8" or so too short to go flush with the thread side rail. So what I did was to countersink the screw head to get the screw in further to grip more of the PLASTIC threads. All tight now. Sometimes my brain works - but not often.....
  16. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    That's odd. My screws come flush to the face of the rail when fully tightened. Are you sure you had the rails fully seated in the guide holes?
  17. Yep , the rails are in correctly and both screws are tight. Maybe MOM packed the wrong screws with my rails. I wish I could do pic's but I am pic impared.
  18. talon

    talon the banned wagon screws are also flush to the rail flat when fully tightened. Already effectively countersunk.