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There was one of these started on the original site by Glock Man. I thought I would put one together here...

You will need:
ATI Stock complete. You should have:
-Stock and Front cover with 4 screws
-Buffer Pad
-Mag Release "Half Moon"
-Mag Release reatainer with Small Y cap screw
-Rear cover plate with Y cap screw
-Barrel retaining U clamp with 2 screws
-ATI laser insert (This will not be needed if you use the ATI laser)
-You will also have 1 extra screw. This is for the C-clip slide on the bottom of the stock

-Hi Point tool (Wrenches 5/16", 7/16") I used nut drivers.
-Flat tip screw driver
-Philips screw driver
-1/8", 3/32", and 5/64" Allen wrenches.
-Files or various size.

It is a pretty straight forward swap nothing that a semi smart dude can't do. So here we go. First off you start with the 995.

Start by taking out the "Charging Bolt" using a 7/16th wrench. You can also use the "Hi Point tool" if you dont have any thing else. I used a nut driver. It will make it alot easier later on during the install if you use Nut Drivers or Wrenches.

Then remove the reciever cover bolts using a 5/16th wrench.

You can then remove the Reciever Cover and the Barrel Heat Shield.

Then remove the C-Clip slide on the bottom of the 995.

Then you will need to take off the Barrel Clamp by removing the 1/8" Allen screw.

Now you can take the Barrel, Reciever and Trigger Group out of the stock.

You now need to remove the barrel clamp. This is not needed for the ATI Stock.

At this point you will need to remove the Magazine Release. To do this you will need to take out the remaining 7 1/8" Allen screws. Next remove the 3 3/32" Allen screws. 1 on both sides of the grip and 1 right at the front of the Trigger Well. Or as some call it the "Bang Switch".

YOUR NOT DONE QUIT TRYING TO PULL IT APART!!!!!!!! You need to now pull out the 2 C-Clips on the bottom of the stock. 1 is about half way down the stock. The other is under the Trigger Well.

You can now pull the stock apart.

Now remove the Mag Release. Note: MAKE SURE THE SPRING COMES OUT WITH THE RELEASE!!!!!!!

At this point it is a good idea to put the Factory Stock back together in the reverse order. If you should ever have to send in your 995 you will need to have your Factory Stock.

Now time to make all of this fit into the ATI Stock.. We need to make sure we have all of the parts for the swap. They are listed above.

The first thing I added was the Magazine Release. Take the Magazine Release and slip the circle retainer on to the black factory cover.

Insert the Magazine Release into the ATI stock throught the left side of the pistol grip. After this all you have to do is insert the "Half Moon" retainer and secure it using the small Y cap philips screw.

NOTE: Your Magazine Release should look like this when you view it form the top!!!!

Now take the top cover off of the ATI Stock. This should be in place by 2 phillips screws. (The other 2 screws are in the parts bag supplied from the factory).

If you are not using the ATI Laser you will need to install the Laser insert.

The next step in the process is to fit the Reciever and Barrel group into the ATI stock.
NOTE: This is the time to see if the reciever cover bolts will line up without the reciver cover in place. If it lines up you know you will have to fit the reciever cover and not the Reciever and Barrel group....

Now install the Barrel U calmp with 2 phillips screws from the parts bag.

Next install the C-Clip "slide" into the bottom of the ATI Stock.
NOTE: One of the differences in the ATI Stock is the C-Clip is held in place with a Phillips screw. This screw will be the biggest pain in your ... if you dont install it prior to "fitting" your stock to the reciever group.


Now is the time for or first check to see how well or Stock is matching up to our Reciever Group. The way I like to do this is try to insert the Reciever Cover bolt into the stock with out the cover on. If you feel resistance stop and inspect. You will start to get a idea of what material we will have to remove. Dont remove any material yet!!!!!!

Now we can place the Reciever cover on to insure what part of the Stock will have to be removed.

At this point all stocks will differ. Some of them will bolt right up with no issue. Others you will have to remove material from just the Reciever Bolt holes. Others you will have to remove material to insure the Reciever Cover sits properly. This was the issue with the ATI Stock in these photos.

We had to remove this material to get a good fit of our Reciever Cover. The Charging Bolt was making contact. This should not be needed on most of your ATI stocks. I did not have to do this when I installed mine. We more than likely could have got it with out removing this material but in the long run this was the better option for this build. So we could get a good line up on the Reciever Cover.

You will notice in this picture that we had to remove some material from the safety slot on the cover. This was due to the fit from the factory. We were going to just bend the safety lever but decided it still needed some material removed after. I am sure this was just a bad fit in the press and not caught in the build process. The only reason we removed the material is so it didnt have rubbing issues later.

For the most part this is where you will have to remove material on most of your builds. From what I have seen installing a few of these is the front hole is the one that will need the most work.

The rear hole only needed a quick smooting to get plastic injection marks removed.

After you get all of the material removed to insure a good fit it is time to finish our install. First install the rear buffer pad.

Now install the Stock Cover using the supplied Y cap phillips screw.

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
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Note: You may have to remove some material if the action sticks or fails to go fully to the rear.

The next step will be to install the Reciever Cover with the Cover bolts using our 5/16 wrench.

The final step in the assembly is to install the Front Cover with 4 supplied phillips screws.

Thought you were dune huh????? Well not if you purchased the ATI Tactical Butt Pad. Here is the install real quick.

Remove the ATI Butt by removing the 2 phillips screws.

Now replace it with the ATI Butt Plate. Install the 2 Butt plate phillips screws.

Now starting from the bottom slide the rubber Butt Pad into position.
NOTE: I found that it works better if you use lube of some sort. Just dont use a oil based lube!!! You want it to be able to dry completely. I used some saliva???

After that you will have installed the ATI Tactical Butt Pad.

I highly recommend the ATI Tactical Butt Pad. This is one of the options that if you get it after the Stock you will wish you had done it right off the bat!!!!

NOW YOUR DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the added strength and feel of your new ATI Stock and Tactical Butt Pad!!!! This is what it looks like with the new owner. My best friend Tim. He also helped with the install and getting the pics done for this write up so THANKS A TON TIM!!!!!!!

Just remember this is not a measure twice cut once type of operation. You will more than likely not get it right the first time. Its ok just take your time remove a little material, recheck, and repeat. If you dont take enough off the first time you can remove more. If you remove to much the first time you might have just made it so your ATI Stock is you kids coolest toy gun!!!!
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