Student Couple suspended from School for FB Picture

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    On what grounds could they possibly suspend them?....... And where's the ACLU at?.... Suuurre sounds like some civil rights violations going on..

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    For some reason, that link won't load.

    But there HAS to be more to that story...I hope. It sounds crazy.:confused:

    Ok, got it to open.

    Really goofy idea to take pics like that, it would never, ever occur to me to do that.

    But the schools response is absolutely ridiculous.
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    Here is the article and the picture for those that can't load the link (its running slow)

    UFP News On Friday a young couple, Tito Velez and Jamie Pereira, were preparing to go to a school dance, and as usual, mom and dad broke out the camera and took a few pictures of the cute couple. During the impromptu photo shoot, someone decided to take a couple of pictures with the kids holding some Airsoft toy guns. A little later, the kids went to the dance and had an uneventful evening just making happy memories.
    On Monday school officials of, Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School in Taunton, MA, got wind of the picture and, about 2 PM, just prior to a cross-country track meet, the couple was called into the school office. Both minors were questioned by school officials, split up and the police were called. The parents were not notified, nor was there any kind of child advocate at the scene. When the kids asked to call their parents, school officials told them to “be quite”. Police finally showed up and the young man and woman were searched along with their lockers and book bags. Nothing was found. The officers “talked” to the students, again without benefit of counsel or parents.
    What crime had this modern day Bonnie and Clyde committed? Had they knocked over a vending machine or maybe robbed the school lunch program? No, their only “crime”, was that they posted the picture of them cheesing it up with the plastic toy guns on their Facebook page. Did they look menacing, or mad, or make any threating remarks? Nope, just posted a picture with her smiling and him standing next to her, along with other pictures the boy’s father had taken. Maybe the pictures were taken in front of the school or even in front of the principal’s house? Nope they were taken in their own home with their proud parents looking on.
    Tito enjoys the hobby of Air Soft, a sport where teams play “capture the flag” with the added incentive of not getting shot by a soft rubber BB. The game is similar to paintball, but the projectiles don’t explode or hurt as much when you get hit. Players wear protective clothing and face shields. And if you look at his Facebook page you will see picture after picture of a normal American Boy with his friends enjoying his hobby.
    So after all the questioning and intimidation by the police and school officials, they arrived at the truth, there was no threat. So, you know that they apologized to the young couple right? Of course they didn’t.
    In fact, they suspended them both from school, even though both had been searched and neither had any weapons, nor had they made any threats against anyone or broken any laws. All they did was pose for a few campy pictures that dad took. For this major crime, they received a summary 10 day suspension. In addition they now have an appointment with the School Board at the end of that time so it can decide if they will be tossed out permanently for their actions.
    While we all agree that the safety of our children must be a priority in these times and school officials must exercise all due care in executing their responsibilities to that end, at what point do we draw the line between state intervention into our personal lives and public safety? Maybe the school should have brought them in and asked them if they were having any problems, or if they were angry about something. Maybe they should have even searched their lockers and backpacks just to make sure everything was okay. After all, the courts have ruled that they have that right. But to subject them to the interrogation by police officers and invade their personal lives over a picture that shows two happy kids getting ready for a fun night is a little beyond even the rights granted to a liberal school system. These people need to get a life and a brain and read the Constitution.
    I have tried to contact the school, Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School in Taunton, MA, and its superintendent, Dr. Richard W. Gross and Principal Carolyn Pearson, several times, but my calls have not been returned, and now their phone goes right to voicemail. This is a story we all need to be upset about and take action on. Please share it and if possible put in a call to Dr. Gross or Principal Pearson at (508) 823-5151 or send them a fax at (508) 822-2687. Let them know what you think of their violation of Tito and Jamie’s Constitutional Rights and their overreach of authority into the private, off school activities, of two students. I think it is worth a minute of your phone time.
    Remember, this could have been your child or grandchild that is being punished for doing nothing wrong. If it was, how would you feel and would you pick up a telephone to complain about it then? If you prefer, you could also send them a short note or copy of the Constitution to:
    Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School
    207 Hart Street
    Taunton, MA 02780

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    "they received a summary 10 day suspension. In addition they now have an appointment with the School Board at the end of that time so it can decide if they will be tossed out permanently for their actions."


    "Both minors were questioned by school officials, split up and the police were called. The parents were not notified, nor was there any kind of child advocate at the scene. When the kids asked to call their parents, school officials told them to “be quite”. Police finally showed up and the young man and woman were searched along with their lockers and book bags. Nothing was found. The officers “talked” to the students, again without benefit of counsel or parents."

    Those are the parts that really got me going, that is just crazy and wrong.

    Ajole, I agree totally that I would never take that picture either... but it's their right to do so in the privacy of their own home!
  6. That's an adorable picture, too bad these young kids don't know their rights and could have told the officers interrogating them to shove it.

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    Prolly why they weren't allowed to talk to their parents..... I guess they've never looked at 9/10s of the more ethnic students Facebook pages, or they'd have to empty a lot more schools out....
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    It's not how it's supposed to be, or even technically legal, but here's the truth, the reality: Children HAVE NO RIGHTS, and in particular they have no rights WHILE AT GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS.

    Literally, nearly every "right" that a private citizen might have has been confiscated or legislated away, either because they're Minors or because of the perception of "greater good" of the general population.

    Go straight down the BoR. Seriously. Look at it.

    Do they have the right to Free Speech, Free Practice of Religion, or Free Assembly while at school? No. All of those are either heavily regulated or outright suspended.

    Right to self defense? Nope. "Zero Tolerance" means they can't put up a hand even to defend themselves.

    Unreasonable Search and Seizure? Nope. They can be and are wanded when they step onto school property, their lockers, backpacks, and cloths are searched at will with no permission, representation, or even a hint of "Terry" to it.

    Legal Representation? Cruel or Unusual Punishment? Privacy? ANY OF THEM???

    Modern "Public Schools" ARE THE LIVING EMBODIMENT OF ORWELL'S 1984!

    And kids are getting used to it. We did it "to keep them safe," despite the fact that they were in less danger there than anywhere else, we did it so that they'd have a "structured learning environment," so that "no child would be left behind."

    Is it any wonder that better than half the country liked the Communism that "O" was selling? Most of them spent 12 damn years being desensitized to it!

    There's more to this rant but I don't want to blow a vessel.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Technically, it IS legal.

    For lots of reasons. Like the fact that it isn't "their" locker, it's the school's.
    Free speech is great...but when it disrupts the education of others, it's an issue.
    Free assembly? Same deal.
    Defense? Half the time it's impossible to actually determine who caused it all, and who was defending.

    So, legally, as minors, while they have some of those rights, they are curtailed, essentially the same way yelling fire in a crowded theater is, or as in the way your right to swing ends before you hit my nose.

    Now, don't get me wrong, you are correct in the idea that in many places this has gone too far, and is utterly ridiculous, if not outright antithetical to everything America is supposed to be about.

    Thank the lawyers.:rolleyes:
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    Was this photo taken at school? or a private residence? if the latter, I think another lawyer will be involved before long...
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    Agreed. Those are all in place for the reasons stated. But it is really going too far.

    But even with "technically" having no rights, I still believe strongly the parents should have been informed of this. There is no way I am going to let the police in and shape or form "interrogate" my children without me present or at the very least informed this is happening for "such and such" reason.

    Checking their lockers, sure, have at it - like you said - technically its their lockers.

    Check backpacks, maybe...ok, within reason... as long as it doesn't border harassment.

    But the impression I got from this is they were prodding them, intimidating and just plain scaring them into hopefully giving them some information they could use. They are kids, and as we all know, kids say the darnedest things.

    There was no history (from what I have read) and no reason to go this far. I agree totally with Kirk here that our kids are being desensitized to this type of treatment. They will grow up thinking this is the norm...
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    It was taken at one of the parents houses. And it wasn't the only photo taken, from what I understand. It was an impromptu photo shoot and someone had the idea of having them pose with their airsoft guns.

    I agree, I see legal action in the future of this story!
  13. Rights and legalities aside, what law did they break? What RIGHT does the school have to suspend them. Their parents pay taxes and by law have to provide an education for their children. How can the school system deny those children their education when they've done nothing wrong nor broken any laws?
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    Don't even get me started on the suspension and possible expulsion... especially since they did their investigation and had to come to a common sense conclusion that no law was broken or even the hint of trouble...

    Wait I retract my common sense conclusion statement...
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    We had an issue with my kid's school calling calling in outside agencies and allowing them free reign to question students without parental permission or supervision. After the third time I filed a grievance with the district which they ignored. I filed a second with the superintendent, which was also ignored. I finally went to a board of education meeting with 20 certified copies of a cease and desist letter revoking permission for any outside agency called in by the school or district employee to speak with my children for the purpose of an investigation or inquiry of any kind without my knowledge, expressed consent, and/or physical presence of my attorney. I served every single board member with a copy.

    Things are so much smoother now because I "permanently" invoked my kid's right to council for them as their guardian. Legal or not, the district is scared of a civil rights lawsuit and calls me anytime one of the boys gets sent to the office for any reason short of needing to see the nurse.

  16. Because this country has become a ****basket of liberal-nanny state-mandated horse ****!

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    Only in that we, as a nation, have built up a bureaucracy to support it. Minors don't lose their rights just because they haven't reached the age of Majority. Except for voting, they actually are granted more protections.

    And their backpacks? Are their pants pockets school property?

    Which is how we justify that it's OK to suspend their rights, along with a side dose of "they're Minors."

    Yes, it's the same deal. They have their rights suspended because, hell, it's inconvenient. Is CNN's right to free speech suspended because it makes it harder for FOX to educate? Are people not allowed to have rallies or are protestors to those rallies, even hecklers, banned because, well gee, hecklers disrupt the speakers ability to educate the crowd about his views? Of course not.

    And? How's that different from adults anywhere else? But they're not treated to Zero Tolerance bullcrap, just Minors at school.

    No, they're not curtailed "in the same way." They're curtailed in very different ways and we justify it partially by claiming that it's the same. But it's not the same at all.

    Don't misunderstand me either. I'm not saying that trying to figure out how to educate kids without suspending their rights isn't a challenge. Heck, it may well be impossible under the current system. But what I am saying is that 1) Kids have NO RIGHTS AT ALL, even basic non-age related BoR stuff, while at school and 2) It's completely desensitized them to the fact that it's horrifyingly Orwellian and they now, in ever greater numbers, think that not only is it OK but it's how society outside of school should work!

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Actualy, once the police are involved, and I am not a lawyer, I think the kids DO have rights.

    I always have the right when questioned by cops to invoke my right not to say anything, and once a child, a minor child invokes the I want my representation, namely a lawyer or parent, it states the police did not cease and decist.

    I would sue the school and the police
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    True story, my daughter had cramps, she had a midol, one single midol in school. Got caught and suspended. I accepted the suspension as the rules state they have to be turned into the nurse.

    What came next was a WTF 6 months of stupidity. The sheriffs called, stated they were going to have a drug intervention hearing for my daughter, I said no, shove it.

    The school counselor then caled, said due to my not allowing a hearing with the police, they are going forward with possible expulsion hearings, I said fine, here is our family attorney number, I wil tie it up in court until she graduates.

    Then the police called again, apparently, with no court trial ( for a freaking midol) they would let her plea bargain down to 20 hours community service, and she had to take 4 saturday drug classes.

    I told them, using many words I wont print, what they can do, my daughter was NOT taking a class with meth heads because she had cramps

    But, the districts have gotten stupid
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    Actually, minors don't HAVE the rights to lose, as they haven't yet reached the age of majority.;)

    Agreed, I always thought that was a bit over the top, if we are that far, its time to go fully police, and involve parents.

    Not their job to educate, but to inform.
    Totally different thing, despite the media's efforts to convince us otherwise.

    Yeah, but the school isn't a "rally", it's a classroom. A speaker "educating" the listeners? They can go ANYWhere and continue the discussion at will, but a classroom can't be moved, in space or in time.

    We let Johnny the anarchist have his free speech, and he'll literally make it impossible to conduct class, thereby limiting the future of 30+ kids that need to learn things.

    That's not acceptable. Johnny needs to settle down, or go find another place to learn.

    Because...they are minors. There are things the school is LEGALLy required to provide to those minors, and if Johnny is intentionally stopping that, something needs to give. Usually, that's Johnny's rights. tolerance for non-minors? What happens on a domestic disturbance call? In many places, there is zero tolerance, SOMEONE has to go to jail for the night. So no, it isn't limited to minors.

    Again, I absolutely agree that this has gone FAR beyond the pale, and is abused to the extreme.

    I think the media has succeeded in making the issue look like it is far worse than it really is.
    Not that it isn't terribly bad, in a lot of places.:(

    I don't know...they still seem to make a LOT of noise about it when it happens.:p