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I have a large box or genuine PICATINNY RAILS, from very short to very long, if I recall there are one or 2 long enough to make a top rail from the back of the existing rail on a 4095, 4595 or a 1095, all the way out to the front sight. These are made by a long time, top quality HP accessories provider, but most of these rails do not have mounting holes amd you would have to get your own hardware too. Taking reasonable offers, DM me for more info. There are also a few of the long 995 rails too, and lots of shorter pieces but it is all 1913 spec Pic rail machined. Most of it is bare aluminum.

DM me for more details, I think this high quality HP vendor is mostly out of this business, but I don't want to cost them any sales just in case. This is not exactly "ready to bolt on rail sets" but it would be perfect for a custom HP Carbine or AR or whatever. I think the smallest are 3 slots, or 5 at least. The longest are like 18" or 19", whatever the long 4595 carbines used that had rails all the way to the front sites


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