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$219 is a fair price for a 995, but you can pay a good bit less. Depends on where you live, I guess. I have noticed the prices going up, down, and up again at the gun shop in my neighborhood anywhere from 180 to 220 or so over the past months. Supply and demand. If you are determined to get a rock bottom price, you can try ordering one directly from a distributor like S.O.G. but the savings would amount to about 30-40 dollars depending on the shipping and tranfer fee. $30 isn't that much to pay for the instant gratification of being able to take it out of the store that day.
As for the mag question, I have noticed empty mags staying up in there once in a while. The mags have a little protruding area right above the hole where the mag catch fits in, I guess maybe that is what catches and holds it in place every so often.
Doesn't concern me much for what it is worth.
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