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First time poster here :D

I have been thinking about buying a 995 or 4095 since holding one and I have a couple questions.

Is there any tell-tale signs to look for when buying one of the carbines? The one I am looking at is at a local gunshop and I noticed when I pushed the mag release button that it doesn't drop out any.

Granted I not an expert with firearms but most of the guns with mags that I have fired, the mag drops freely out or at least drops a few inches. Is this indicative of a problem or just an unbroken in gun?

Also the price of the 995 is $219 here in East TN. I had heard that the price was going to be going up but I'm not sure if that is still fair price.

Thank you all, been reading post here for a month or so doing my homework and it has helped out a lot. :)

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