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    I have a problem with my jhp 45..Need some help...2 weeks ago myself and my son in law went shooting...We both were taking our concealed class the following weekend..He shot about 200 rounds with my 45..Not a single jam. I shot my para problems..Any way long story short..After we were finish practicing he took my hi point 45 home and cleaned it for the following weekend.At our qualifying class it jammed a couple of times but no problem.and he qualified with it..But after qualifying with it all it wanted to do was jam..jam after jam..Then it wouldnt ever fire..He took it back home and cleaned it again and said he didnt find anything wrong with it but a grip screw had fell out....
    Any ideas out there as to what happened to it?..I checked it out and cant find anything wrong with it either.I guess i should just send it back to mom..BTW i bought this hand gun brand new:confused:
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    Any chance he used too much oil?

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    Didnt seem to be over oiled when i took it apart..will ask him..Why would that hurt it?
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    NE Utah
    There's only 1 grip screw, if it fell out, the grip should fall off.

    The grip is also what holds several parts together, in place. If one were loose, it could cause issues.

    Could you describe the jam?

    And, have you used the same ammo the whole time, or different ammo?
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    I think the problem is that he cleaned a Hi Point :D
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    Yes, a better description of the "jam" would be helpful.

    Also, grip screws don't generally "fall out". If they don't hold, it's usually because the threads in the grip frame have been damaged(stripped). What side of the gun did the grip screw fall out of? Based on the symptoms, I'm guessing the right side. The trigger linkage is held in alignment by the right grip panel. Misalignment could definitely be a cause for being unable to fire the gun. Additionally, there are a couple of springs that the right grip panel holds in place. One provides tension for the magazine catch and the other for the mag lockout mechanism. The absence of the former could allow the mag to drop down and allow for a FTF (failure to feed) and absence of the latter could allow for improper function of the trigger linkage and prevent the gun from being able to fire.

    Before sending the gun to Ohio, I would recommend using the "Exploded Parts View" and the "Parts List" on pages 5 & 4 of the Instruction Sheet that you received with your JHP 45. Make sure that you have all of the components. Then go to YouTube and search for disassembly and reassembly videos for the JHP 45. If you have all of the parts and follow the on-line guide, you should be able to get your gun back into functional condition. If the threads are stripped in the grip frame, you may have to fill the hole and redrill a hole for the grip screw.

    If, after you do all of that, the gun still misbehaves, then yes, it's time for a trip to Ohio. Good luck.
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    The grips are important to the workings. They hold everything in place and if are so much as a little loose you're screwed. If the screw hole is stripped out, call MoM for a set of oversized screws.
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    Not necessarily. I've had to pry off several of them. Those tabs on the bottom do a pretty good job of keeping them in place.
  9. cicpup

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    That could do it. They weren't made to be clean.

    $5 says he over torqued the right grip screw.
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    I would go ahead and ship it to Ohio