Stupid question...I think...

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  1. bluharley

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    When you go to the LGS to look for a holster for your carry piece, do you walk in to the store loaded?
  2. geekandwife

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    No. You go in with the pistol in a case unloaded mag out, ideally locked back or a flag in. Then let the LGS know you are wishing to try out the fit and feel of holsters, and gain their permission to remove your gun from the case and to try the holsters. Now do keep in mind 99% of the holster makers will already have a guide that will tell you what holster they make is made for your gun and there is no reason to check fit in store.

  3. bluharley

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    Thanks. As far as fitment guides, yea it fits the gun, but it doesn't fit me, is usually the case.
  4. Agree, most holsters are specific to a gun, except for the one size fits most holsters(Uncle Mikes). And even they have charts that are easy to follow.

    BH what gun are you looking for a holster for?
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  5. SteveC

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    ^^^^^ What geek said. Don't go in loaded. In a case, no mag.
  6. talon

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    Are you legally allowed to carry? Then yes. You don't unload, pack it in a case and do anything else when you carry it in anywhere else do you? Why would you do different in a gun shop?? Obviously you shouldn't pull it out quickly unannounced, but again if you have any common sense at all you wouldn't do that anyway. Carry it exactly as you'd carry it anywhere else. Tell the guy what you want and let him know you'll be unholstering it. If he asks you to clear it do so.
  7. sdbrit68

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    I bought the alienware ones, seem pretty good to me
  8. tallbump

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    I am a big fan of Alien Gear. I love my holster.

    I have the original leather one. I'd love to upgrade to the new version someday, and get the belt slide OWB one too. I actually have 2 shells for the C9 so I just need the backer for the OWB one.

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    What I've seen done at my LGS is pretty much the same with it unloaded , no mag , chamber flag installed and in a locked gun case . Then to the sales counter to inform the cashier you have a firearm

    Now this is where my LGS is different , once the cashier knows what's going on he/she contacts the sales people to meet you at the cashier . The sales person then takes your firearm and you follow them to the sales counter . They then remove the firearm from the locked case and then walk with you over to the holster section where they will handle the firearm looking for the correct one for you

    Basically once inside the store the salesman has possession of your firearm at all times
  10. drscot

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    Stupid question....I think

    You're right. I never walk into my LGS loaded....I'm always sober! Seriously, I have seen people do stupid things with loaded guns: when leaving the range where several of us qualified for our CC, the range "master" took a liking to the police officer's gun that he carried while teaching our course. He was a friendly sort and proceeded to hand him his gun so he could have a "look-see". BANG!! The range attendant not only discharged the weapon, but he shot the officer's car in the process! True story! That being said, I'm sure your LGS owner would be much appreciative if you would be sure your gun is unloaded before you walk in to use your gun while trying out the fit and function of various holsters. So would the other patrons I'm sure. Nobody there knows what your level of competence or care is. Always assume that the guy that carries a loaded gun into a store to "fiddle" with it is dumb or just plain incompetent; or both. I haven't tried to look up the statistics for LGS armed robberies but I'm going to bet the perps would go to a "gun-free" zone. Too much firepower waiting on him at the LGS. I'd say walking in with your unloaded pistol is a safe bet for all. :blush:
  11. bluharley

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    I agree 100%. The reason I ask is because there are times I'm out and about on the bike, and I get an urge to stop at the LGS just to check things out. I'm sure not pulling it out in a parking lots and clearing it, in the parking lot.! So I just don't stop. I guess I need to plan a special trip.
  12. moona11

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    My LGS know us and they don't have a issue with it being loaded as long as your safe with it. You can unload it in the back if needed. Some stranger that's a different story.
  13. Bull

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    I wouldn't mind removing the mag, and showing a clear chamber to em, but having to hand it to them while they walk around with me, no thanks....
  14. moona11

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    Nope your not going to take my gun unless I let you.
  15. greg_r

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    I don't understand why you would not go into your LGS with your carry piece loaded. All the stores around have a sign saying something to the effect of firearms welcome, please keep holstered. If needed, you ask to unholster. When given permission you unholster and clear.

    Protocol suggests that if it is not your carry gun, you bring it in cased. It is not usual to see folk bring firearms in uncased, but not unheard of either. If one is brought in uncased, you show it clear upon entering.
  16. Most retailers don't have a clearing can. A special designed can/bullet trap just for clearing of live weapons. We have one in our station and one at each range just for clearing hot weapons in the safe areas.
  17. cicpup

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    Can CC/OC in Vermont and pretty much every LGS owner assumes every regular customer is carrying along with everyone working there. Just always ask permission to unholster otherwise you might find a Glock pressed behind your ear. I can't CC in New Hampshire so there it's left in the car and I ask permission to bring it in. Unloaded with slide locked back. Screw the locked case crap. I guess it would be different if I was in a nanny state.
  18. I am a safety nazi, I tend to keep what could go wrong on my mind to prevent something actually going wrong.

    IMO a loaded holstered handgun should stay in a holster until it is needed for use, in that I mean self defense, or the range.

    Murphy's law comes into play here, and people do make mistakes. Even when telling a clerk you are going to pull your loaded gun from under clothing, and the clerk agrees. Some other hero may mistake your actions as nefarious. Then there are the accidents by trained professionals such as the cop shooting his finger off.

    If you are going to handle a gun, it should unloaded, and made clear, and shown that it is clear to the other party. Many times the results of accidents cannot be reversed.
  19. forgotenpast

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    I always carry loaded which is why i bought one of the more popular framed firearms
    in the event that i like a holster but it is slightly off or my weapon is not listed i go the the firearms counter and request them to test a firearm identical to mine which belongs to them in the holster, most are happy to do so
  20. Dane

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    As mentioned earlier, if you can legally carry and it isn't a place you can't, then why not?