Stupid Ruger 22/45... I REALLY miss my GLOCK

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  1. Stupid thing has the most donkeynine field strip thing... and I missed it up... I wish this thing worked like my GLOCK, that thing's idiot proof *grumble*
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    You're right... glocks are idiot proof. Everyone knows that you can strip down 3 C9's before you can strip a 22/45... that's the only reason I didn't get one... with the 6" barrel... ;)

  3. Ok. Finally got the Mike Fox back together. Geezus! Now I know why GB'ers don't carry Ruger's... without a college education they have no idea how to clean the darn things.
  4. No offense intended but I find my Ruger one of the simplest pistols to field strip. Partly because it's the only one I've ever done but also partly because I read and understood the procedure ahead of time. Provided you hold it upside down at the proper time it is a breeze. I stripped mine completely apart when I first got it, did a complete wipe down and cleaning, and reassembled it all in under 30 minutes with no troubles.

    Again not meaning any offense but the Ruger isn't hard to take down and reassemble. Maybe not as intuitive as other makes but certainly not hard either. :)
  5. Nah I figured it out. Stupid instructions... now that I understand it it's simple lol.
  6. Good for you, lol. Not too bad after a guy remembers the way to tip it and when. :)
  7. i believe there are a after market part you can buy to replace "turkey hook thingy" (i don't know what that thing call). and i will allow you to field strip in much shorter time(and easier).
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    I went the typical guy route of "If someone built it, I can take it apart and put it back together" with my 1911. Hehe.
    I had it down to the trigger in the frame, and proceeded to reassemble it...for lack of a better word. Oh, btw? Those little Field Manuals you get at surplus stores.....dont really go into detail about how things SHOULD go together ( I will just leave it at that.) BUT, I got it back together again, and it still functions fine.
    That being said, I would have no problem doing that again, should I need to. As far as cleaning a 1911, I take it down to the frame, slide, barrel, recoils spring and barrel bushing. Clean, lube, reassemble, and thats it. Every other time, I go so far as taking the frame down to the firing pin.
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    Don't take it apart too often, that's a good way to wear out a frame... Just a basic field strip should be enough for 95% of your cleanings.
  10. The first couple of times I put my MK III, 22/45 back together after cleaning it, I got it so locked up I thought I'd have to send it back to Ruger. Somehow or other, I managed to get it unstuck both times. I was fustrated as you say you were. I determined to figured this thing out.

    I got the instruction booklet and went through it step by step. What was I doing wrong? After a few more tries something jumped off the page at me. Page 25, step, no 6, specifically

    I inserted the bold print there. That was where the problem for me was. The hammer on mine wouldn't "fall", and still doesn't, anywhere. Maybe about halfway, but since I didn't know what "full forward position" looked like, I figured it was there. ...Nope.

    "Manipulate the hammer?" Oh, they mean "PUSH." I got a pencil and pushed the hammer forward, and into positon. Eureka!!