stupid terrorists................

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  1. found this on u-tube though you all might get a laugh outta it. there are a few parts that might be considered a little harsh so if the admins delete it i understand. also it is about ten mins long so get a fresh beer and put on the headphones and enjoy :D

  2. SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! I KILL YOU!

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    "Oh, I am a terrible suicide bomber, I had a premature detonation! You know what that's like right? MR. HURRICANE!!!!!"

    Gotta love Jeff Dunham! I have both of his DVD's and I recommend you watching both of them back to back just so your stomach will hurt for a week like mine did. :p

  3. Talk about perma-grin! That was funny as hell!

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    Eh the terrorist is ok, but Walter is way funnier.

  5. i am going to have to disagree i found walter funny but not as funny as achmed oh well its all funny :lol:
  6. My personal favorite is Peanut. That little martian is just nuts.
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    Jose Jalepeno....on a Stik! has his moments too.
  8. I recorded one of his specials off of comedy central the other day. Very funny stuff.
  9. Ac "flim" med, was a riot. Someone sent it to my wife and she was laughing out loud at the thing. Heck, if you can't laugh at a dead suicide bomber, then what IS funny? :lol:
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  11. If you like that Gman, you need to check out his DVD's

    Arguing with myself and Spark of Insanity. You can get them at your local Wal-Mart. They are awesome!
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    Too bad more Jiheadists are not like Achmed,,,,ya know?????