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  1. Ok i just got me a sub 2k in 9mm glock version and was wondering if i got a little too excited because ive been wanting one very bad...ok i got the sub 2k 10 17 rnd mags and a laptop case to carry it in and i paid $625 do you guys think i paid too much or if i got a good deal all the mags are glock mags some of them say le/patrolman only please be honest i can take it if i was a dumba$$ and over paid
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    It's all supply and demand. I've seen 5 - sub 200k in the past 2 years. 3 used (one badly) and 2 new. LAst new one was under or at $400 and a glock. All of them have been glock actually. I would love one for the right price in beretta.

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    most go for around $500 with a couple mags here.. Yours came with 10 mags so its was a decent deal in my book...
  4. its not a bad deal. id say you both got a fair deal. its rediculous what kel-tec's popular stuff is going for. i would love a sub 2k as well but it seems everyone would and thus they are costing way more than msrp. i have only seen used ones and they were all over 400 dollars.
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    How tacky is the breifcase? We're gonna need to see some pictures, of everything, not just the briefcase.
  6. haha, yeah i was laughing when i read it came with a laptop case to carry it in.
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    It's actually a pretty popular mode of transport. The cases are cheap and look decent, the subby (when folded) fits in nicely, there are usually lots of pockets and stretchy loops or foam to cut out. Plus a lappy bag doesn't attract any attention whatsoever. It's better than a violin case!

    If you ever wanna carry a "man bag" without looking like you are, use an old laptop case. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
  8. I will post pics in a little while
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    All fun and games til you have to reload!
  10. Found one at my pawn shop today, $495, but with how much I buy there they'd cut me a good deal. I should try to get it for $350 haha.
  11. For those with the Sub 2K and a 995TS, how do they compare? Or do they?
  12. I have that exact same case, except I use mine for my laptop ;)
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    They're different guns. The subby recoils harder (though it's still really light), is more expensive, can take hi-cap mags, and folds up into a very small package.

    The 995 is less expensive, has better sights, is a lot heavier (though still light compared to my M1-Carbine for instance), and currently only has 10 round mags (discounting the 15 round Promag offerings).

    They're just different guns. Yeah, they're both pistol caliber, blowback, carbines made with polymer, but that's about where it ends.

    Some people like to think of the subby as a trail gun or a SHTF gun and some people like to think of the 995 as a cheap plinker, inexpensive coyote killer, and 10 round home protection carbine. Truth is, both will perform any of those tasks, it's just kinda up to what you value more, the lighter weight, folding, hi cap mags, or do you want to spend 1/3 less and give up folding and stick with 10 round mags?

    Peace favor your sword,
  14. Thanks for the info. I was torn between the sub and 995. I bought the 995 because it is less expensive and has a lifetime warranty. I read too many reports of problems with subs where things weren't covered by the warranty or the problem happened after the warr expired.

    I still may get one. I'm rather liking the pistol caliber carbines.
  15. Congrats, I'm jealous. I recently "supposedly" won a bid for a .40 Sub 2K at Gunbroker but there was some issues so I didn't get it. I've been on the waiting list for a year at three other places down here in South Texas and heard on Saturday that one might be coming in, hopefully in 9mm as that's what I originally wanted as I edc a G19 and have a G17 for hd. Of course I just bought a 4595TS as the local shop just got 2 in and as I was deciding, someone bought the other one so I snapped it up. Love it so far. Would love to have a Sub2K in 9mm, Glock mags.
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    I think you'll be happy with it.

    Huh? KT has a first owner Lifetime Warranty. I've never heard of them not covering warranty repair work.

    Oh well. No big deal. Just get the gun you are happy with. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I feel like a lucky guy only paying $300 NIB for mine.
    Make sure you get the butt extension for it if you don't already have one.
    Best of luck with yours!
  18. wow, I hadn't read that anywhere... Shame on me for only reading forum posts, I should ave checked their website?

    Now I may have to buy one...
  19. I'd say you did OK. You got about $300+ worth of magazines alone, and those laptop cases are about $60 at staples. As far as the warranty, I picked up a used Beretta model in June that had some issues for $250. I wrote a cover letter relating the guns history as told to me the dealer I bought it from, the issues with the gun and the remedies sought, put it in a box and mailed it in to Kel-Tec, and 7 weeks later received it back in newer than new condition. Here's the invoice that came back with the gun.

    Edit to add: Note that it WAS covered under warranty, even though I was actually the third owner. A young man bought it who couldn't afford it, the father bought it from him and traded it in the next day to the FFL where I bought it.