Sub-Compact options???

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    I have been looking for a CCW for a little while and was wondering if there is something else I should look for. I have a Glock 17 so the first gun I looked at was the G26. I have also looked at Glock 27 and 30, XD, Kel-tec P11, M&P, Kahr (model # I don't know). What else should I look into to see if I like? I am also going to have to go on the word of people since there is no where lcally to rent anything, and I don't anyone that has any of these handguns. 9mm would probably be my preference but is not absolute.
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    you have a set price range, or are you willing to flex a little bit?

  3. I really like the new kel-tec pf-9
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    Just bought the PF-9 and I really love it. Very small too. I bet you'd like it for CCW.

  5. You need to hit a gun store at least and handle everything if you can't shoot them. I clearly don't like Glocks; they just aren't comfortable to me. I shoot all the ones listed in my sig here - I carry the Kel-Tec P-11, the M&P 9C, and most recently my "helloooo, Betty", the EMP.

    Can't shoot, at least hold and handle. You may also want to give thought to how you will carry. My P-11 makes a nice ankle carry when I have to dress up - the others are grab and goes when it's jeans and t's.
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    $500 would be my limit since I can get a new Glock 26 for that.

  7. Glocks and XD are all over for sure - good choices. Not sure where you're from , maybe a club or someone close can an option. If you're gonna spend $500 on a gun, do what I did, twice, day-trip! Cabella's is two hours away but has the largest selection in my area. Another option is local small gun shops, too but you've likely been to all those.

    Printing - a good holster, and an untucked shirt or jacket, IWB, there's just about no chance you'll "print" per se. And if folks see a bulge there most will think it's cell phone or knife or something. You don't want to reach for the Rice Krispie's on the top shelf at the grocer using your strong side hand of course. The point is, you'll be more worried about printing than the likelihood of someone actually noticing. I carried for 5 months before telling my wife I started to carry. If anyone would notice something "odd", it would be a spouse.

    Good luck! Looking for a new gun is a lot of fun - a bit of a PITA - but fun still.