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  1. Well boys, yesterday I was finally able to load up some .50AE rounds for my Desert Eagle. I went down to the gun store and bought some powder, Hodgdon H110, and went to work.

    I flubbed a few times and had to pull some bullets, but all in all it went well. I also mis-read the OAL tolerances and seated about 20 bullets too deep... The min OAL is 1.575 and the way I read it, I understood that to be the MAX OAL. Anywho, for as big of a gun as the .50AE is, it's got some damn tight tolerances....

    As already stated 1.575 is min OAL and 1.595 is max OAL. That only gives me .020 to play with. Not that big of a deal really, just have to make sure to set my seating die and lock that joker in. I currently have it set dead middle of the tolerance at 1.585 and it seems to be working quite well.

    Oh, and all those rounds that I seated too deep. After a quick phone conference with Taurus357, Ari *Taurus relayed a message to me from Ari* and a phone call from Rimfirehunter, we decided that I should shoot those rounds, as they weren't too deep to really worry about.

    SO, I took that box of ammo to the range today and all I can say is WOWZA!!!! These rounds are a bit softer than factory loads as these don't have the same bite/recoil a factory load does. Even with the rounds that were shorter than the MIN OAL I didn't get any feed issues, in fact they fed better than factory loads. I only had time to shoot a few rounds, 8 in all, but every one of them hit the steel plate on the 50 yard range no problem. One thing I did notice is that with this H110 powder, I am getting a much bigger muzzle flash/fireball. I'll need to take some video at night and post it, LOL!!

    My next thing to do is to take another full box of rounds and put them on paper to establish some sort of accuracy testing for that powder load. I am using the lowest powder load I have data for on these rounds for the time being. I am going to shoot some more of them and find out what it does. If it works well, I'll prolly stay with that load as if it's accurate enough, its reduced recoil would be great. Other than that I have another tight tolerance within that load data because the starting load and the do not exceed powder loads is less than 5 grains in difference.

    Anywho, first time I've ever reloaded a round of any caliber, and also the first time I've ever shot my own reloads. I just kinda wanted to celebrate a bit and share it with you guys. :D
  2. Congrats!!! That must be a really fun gun to shoot.

    I always wanted a Deagle. I find the Deagle in 357mag to be somewhat pointless though, would only want it in the big .50AE.


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    Congrats also! Now have some more fun
  4. congrats by the way could u give us a price per round breakdown of reloads compared to boxed factory rounds?
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  6. Reloading is an enjoyable hobby in it's own right.
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    H110 is not a very good beginners powder. It is real sensitive stuff. You need to follow printed load recommendations exactly, no experimenting, too little too much and !!GLOCK!! err i mean !!Kaboom.!!
  8. First off, I chose H110 as it's the most affordable powder that I have load data for. As far as experimenting with it, like I said, I have a few grains that I can add to the round and still be within my Do Not Exceed data. The thing I like about the H110 is that it's a very clean burning powder, there was almost no residue in the pistol when I broke it down to clean it last night.

    Oh and Silicon Wolverine, if that BFR is for you, go for it buddy. I know I'm crazy, but I also know I'm not stupid! :wink:
  9. Cool! Now you can shoot it more for the same cost. Enjoy!!
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    The bfr kicks like a mule. Pretty accurate with a leupold scope on it though. They also make a 45lc/410 with removable choke. It is easier to hang on to but is still a big fine revolver.
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    It makes shooting even more fun when you roll your own, doesn`t it.
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    Apparently it's the biggest and finest!

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    Here's a little factoid for ya, Primal. The H110 powder was developed to power the venerable .30 Carbine round. Since then, it's proved itself to be quite versatile in a lot of reloading applications. However, as A.C.P. noted, it is a little touchy sometimes with some loads. You'll do quite well though by staying within the load range listed in any reputable reloading manual.

    Have fun and stay safe. :D
  14. As long as it puts lead downrange out of the .50AE, I don't care to experiment. I can use a slower powder for working up a load for hunting etc....

    One thing I did find out is that with a 325 grain HP, I am actually getting more FPS with the H110 than I would with factory loads.... About 130 FPS more than the Samson factory loads, and recoil is half of what a factory load is. Right there, I win all the way around. Just have to put it on paper and see how accurate it is before I decide to stay with that load data or not.

    I did load up 10 rounds with a slightly hotter powder charge *Still within the recipe restrictions* and will try those out next time I get a chance to shoot. Will post the results.
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    Good luck primal. I have been playing around with some loads for my 995 and my other 9mm pistol and I can say its tought work getting what they like. I have a mold I decided to try and its of the pointy persuasion and with the low velocity stuff I get tumble but with high vel its is a real screamer and it is more accurate than wwb but I dont want to beat up my pistol. The 995 is under warranty lol and +p+ anyway.

    So needless to say I understand man lol.
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    Hey Primal I wonder if a little better crimp would tame the flash a little.
  17. A slightly better crimp will ensure the powder gets a good burn before it blows the bullet clear of the barrel, just dont over crimp or you will increase pressure.

    I am working with the crimp in my .44 Special loads now for similar reasons.

    Good luck and hope you enjoy that lead slinging fifty!
  18. I do have the 3 die Lee's set for the .50 but I also bought a 4 die set of Lyman's at the gun show. I have been using the factory crimp die out of that set in a separate turret. What I do is load 10 - 20 rounds, change die turrets and do the factory crimp. I tell you what though, that crimp die really puts a squeeze on that round. It's rather drastic. I should take a pic and let you guys tell me if it's a bit too much. I wouldn't know as I have never done this before.....
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    I would think you should be able to loosen it buy not screwing the die in as far. But the I have never used those dies.

    It is still spitting a bunch of flame even after using that die? I was looking at load data and all the powders I see for that round have a burn rate very close to H110. I was hoping to see a little faster burning powder for that load. So far I have not found one. I was thinking a powder that had a burn rate about the same speed as reddot might help. No go yet.
  20. I just started using it a few days ago, didn't use it on the first batch of ammo.... I guess I really need to know how the damn thing works first.... I am not going to load anymore for right now until I shoot up what I have loaded and see how well that factory crimp die works.