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Since I bought this pistol in the summer of 2021, I only shot the pistol twice. In September 2022, I had bought 3 spare magazines for cheap and tried everything out last fall. The new mags gave me immediate problems. So I had one good working magazine to compare the 3 new magazines too and quickly determined where the feed lips needed slight tweaking. I used the needle nose pliers very sparingly and got the magazines tuned perfectly.
I took the pistol out again today and ran 2full magazines worth of cartridges through each magazine without a hiccup so I'm very pleased with the pistol.
I took folks advice here and haven't done a disassembly (if it works, it works!) and read up on proper magazine feed lip adjustment procedures. Also #'d the mags so I could better track problem mags if there were any.
Everything works so I wiped it down and put it away.
Oh, I did put a dab of white paint on the front sight a few minutes ago to help me get a better sight picture.
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Oh my, a blast from the past!!!

I'm sure there are a few that have one of those on here. I personally have never seen one up close. Great to hear you had a great range trip with the old girl.
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