Suddenly NON-Firing 995TS help needed!

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  1. 995TS has been faithful and problem free aside from an occasional FTE.

    Over 2500 rounds of various ammo.

    Receiver always sprayed out with GUN SCRUBBER and barrel always Bore Snaked after use...

    Last night, my son and I took it and a few pistols to the range.

    The 995 was first one we shot. Made it through about 7 or 8 ROUNDS, and then "click"...nothing? I removed mag and manually moved charging handle to clear. Live, and lightly struck 9mm cartridge in the chamber, which came out when I cleared it.

    Tried different brand of ammo in different magazine...1st attempt to shoot..."click", nothing, lightly struck live cartridge in chamber, cleared again...

    We did this at least 5 or 6 times...and with THREE different types of NEW ammo.

    I put 3 or 4 of the struck, but unfired cartridges in a RUGER pistol magazine and Ruger pistol shot it with zero issues...

    Gun Range owner said it felt "gummy" inside, so I brought it home and super cleaned it again...very pronounced click when dry fired.

    Went back today....Fired once, and that was it...

    NO idea what could be wrong, so hope someone can steer me right...

    I attached pics of the unfired rounds, and the striker. I don't see anything obvious, but I'm no expert by any means. I do see that firing pin strikes are off center, but no idea if that's an (or THE) issue...

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  2. rickm

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    First i would check the firing pin and see if it is bent ( may have to take it out and roll it on a flat surface to tell).
    Second would check and make sure the bolt is closing all the way.
    Third send it in to MOM and have her to go thru it and replace all the parts and check it out.
    I know people dont like sending there guns in but sometimes its the best for all involved and quicker to get to the root of the problem.

  3. FlashBang

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    It's a bent firing pin, if you look close at the strike you will see it is not at a 90 to the primer.

  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Yep. Take it out, straighten it, call and order another from Mom., she'll mail it to your door, for free.:)
  5. Well, I got a little brave, and through the wonders of YouTube disassembled the 995TS...

    Boy is it nasty inside...but that's another issue...

    The Firing pin is not appearing to be bent? :confused:
    I do know the firing pin is definitely hitting the cartridge primers off center, as clearly seen in the 1st pic above. But rolling it on a smooth surface there is no wobble that can be seen with the naked eye. :confused:

    The outer firing pin spring is broken, as seen below. And the inner firing pin spring is all deformed, I guess from doing all the work of both springs???

    I'm going to call Hi-Point tomorrow, hopefully, and order the springs and see what they say about the firing pin itself.

    Right now, I need to find a couple cans of GUNK and clean this poor rifle's guts out for the first time ever. :)

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  6. HiPointArmorer

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    Agreed, call MOM shell send a new firing pin and springs.
  7. cicpup

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    While you wait for them you can practice proper cleaning techniques.
  8. Link?

  9. planosteve

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    Leave you OCD out of this, it still has 2500 rounds before a good cleaning. ;):rofl:
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  10. I surely can't complain. I doubt the sludge broke the spring. :blush:

    The very little research I had done in the past, in regards to 995 takedown/cleaning/reassembly made it seem like it was an all day affair to disassemble one of these things, so I admittedly shy-ed away from doing it.

    It took all of 10 minutes for me to disassemble it. (and that was because the YouTube video kept locking up on my TV)
    Then maybe 15 minutes of Simple Green, a toothbrush and a rag to make it sludge-free, then 2 minutes worth of compressed air to make sure everything was dry and ready for re-assembly...

    I just might start cleaning it every 1,000 rounds now...LOL. :rofl:
  11. Google search of HiPoint customer service says to call Strassel's Machine?

    Is that the MOM you guys speak of???

    Or is that not the right info?
  12. SWAGA

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    Yeah, they've recently had some sort of name change.
    They don't have a lot of people working the phones so be patient. Best to call right at 0800 Ohio time although I've been lucky around lunchtime also.
    Ask for a new firing pin and a complete spring set.
  13. OK. Thanks for the head's up. That was the page I found as well. I thought I remembered reading about some name changing a while back, but wasn't 100% sure. Didn't want to start calling the wrong place.:eek:
  14. Just called...Got right through, firing pin kit (firing pin and both springs) on the way. :thankyou:
  15. thisisit

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    had the same thing happen to my 995 after about 2000 rounds. Easy fix.
  16. I'm just glad I didn't have to send it back to Ohio.
  17. panoz77

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    Broken spring explains the light strikes :D
  18. Yessir, and I must say that as a fairly new shooter, it's a little nerve racking to be handling bullets with primers that have been struck, but not fired. :blush:
  19. Think1st

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    It also must be annoying to realize that the screen name you chose was a harbinger of things to come with your 995TS.;)