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  1. Well with my mother sending me a $100.00 gift card, and another 150 from other family, the wife has given me the option of combining all of it and foregoing the saiga and getting something from Gander tomorrow. I need suggestions asap as we are going tomorrow morning.
  2. Opps, forgot to mention with the extra funds, my new toy budget is now $500. Should I get the Saiga and upgrade & convert? Or look at some new toys (suggestions?)

  3. uncle jerky

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    Saigas are great,BUT,have you considered a Ruger Mini(223)14 or Mini 30(7.62x39)!!
  4. don't go to Gander!!!

    That is the MOST expensive place on the planet. Unless you have to touch it tomorrow, consider on-line or just about any other place.

    On the other hand - I have an XD - love it. I also have M&P9C for carry, and love it too. Have a great time!!
  5. Gander isn't all that bad. All depends on what your looking for and what they have on hand, and I have yet to see anything for sale there that comes anywhere near the highest price for that item. Not big on ordering online when it comes to firearms unless it's something that is hard to find, then I have no problem. But I prefer to handle a firearm before buying.
  6. Ari

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    XDs are really nice guns but you have a 1911! :wink:
  7. your point? Looking at the subcompacts for a future ccw
  8. Gander isnt bad if you buy stuff on sale i have purchesed sevral guns from gander my newest was a p-22 on sale nib for $229
  9. Hey man there is a gun show here in Raleigh Saturday and Sunday... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    I gotta go visit Georgia Arms and get some ammo since I know they will be there.

    Won't be as big a show as the Dixie Classic but they will have a fair amount of dealers.

    Call me if you wanna go in the morning. Gotta head out of town after the show.
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    Gander will work on the price of the firearm new and used. They will discount the firearm depending on how long it has been in their store inventory. For example I purchased a used American arms EP380. The pistol price was $220.00. I asked the salesman what the bottom line price was and he said let me check the computer. He told me the item was in their inventory for 3 months and he would let it go $189.99. So I bought it. You have a 10-20% play area of pricing with Gander mountain. A friend had recently purchased a Bushmaster from them and the Price was 999.99 for a new rifle. He dealt with the salesman and they gave it to him for 900.00 with a protection plan and free cleaning. Do not settle for the sticker price. They will work with you and remember all used firearms are priced with a 30% increase of what Gander bought them for. They have to make money too so a fair haggle price is 10-20%. Hope this helps.
  11. Ari

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    Once you have a 1911 what else is there LOL.. I like my XD9.. what every you get you will have fun getting it....
  12. Something that can be carried IWB without pinching my ass everytime I sit down.
  13. Ah, I'd love to but the wife is taking me christmas shopping (again) tomorrow. Then she wants my ass to stand in line and wait for a Wii on sunday at bestbuy...dont know how my vacation is turning out like this, but atleast theres a chance I'll end up with a new gun!
  14. well....... I guess I live near the worst Gander on the planet. They won't match except local stores, they won't reduce to internet prices. And their used guns are as expensive as the new ones cause they "guarantee" them.

    If you can get a good deal there, have fun!
  15. Atleast you get something out of it.

    IS the Wii yours or someone else's.

    The Wii has been up there on my list of stuff but it still isn't higher than my guns and ammo.

    then again you can always talk her into all the good shopping places in Raleigh and The antiques and homemade stuff at the fairgrounds which happen to house the gun show...
  16. I dont even like driving downtown to go shopping, you think im gonna drive her ass all over raleigh when i dont even know the place? Madness. The Wii was actually her idea she wants one, which is crazy, never seen that one coming. Best buy will be having 100 of them on sunday for 250, then 90 more on tuesday.
  17. You got a p-22 yet if not look into one not good for much more then plinking but boy oh boy gotta love a weapon you can fire all day for less then $10.........
  18. I have a XD-9 service model and like it a lot.
  19. I was thinking about doin a p22 since gander has them on sale fore 250. Wondering if gander will have a subcompact xd for under 500. We'll see when I get there I suppose in a little bit.