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  1. Looking for some decent magazine base pads for my 995TS. Not much luck finding any on ebay. Thanks
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    Those work on C9 10 rd mags? :what:
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    Never mind, after reading the description (duh) I realize it is not a replacement for the battery packs. What do you do with them, though. Screw them on the bottom of the battery packs? Or is it just for 8 rd mags?
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    I don't know...

    • Call them
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    They're forum members, don't be sceeered...:D
  6. You screw them to the bottom of the magazine. If you have to do a quick reload and you drop the magazine free and it hits the ground, concrete or asphalt it protects your magazine a bit from getting so banged up. They add a little length to the mag for quicker seating into the gun. It really enables you to use the palm of your hand instead of having to thumb the magazine in for a tight fit. They are not a necessary item, I just happen to like them. All my 1911's have them mounted.

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  7. sarahsmom

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    Even on the battery packs?
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    Battery packs are already greatly extended and virtually bulletproof. What would be the point?
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    Ok, thanks for the info.
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    Sorry, but what battery packs? Not quite sure what you are talking about. Thanks.
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    Nickname for the base on a Hi-Point magazine. So called due to it's similarity to a battery pack on a cordless drill.

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    995's don't have battery packs, it's a 40 and 45 thing

    I wish the prices on those were lower. I could use a bunch. When bro fired the 9995ts he didn't seat the mag, I am used to it. Doing the thumb thing sucks, and is slow.

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    But the c9 10 rd mags do.
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    True but those don't fit a 995/995TS
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    Yes, we make them for the HP 9 mm magazines. They work really well and in my opinion, are a necessary item when you also have one of our Oversized Mag Release Buttons installed. Due to having the oversized release buttons installed on all of my own guns, I now tend to accidentally drop the mags all the time. Those bumpers have saved me from having destroyed my magazines countless times from dropping them on concrete floors. I even stepped on a mag a couple of times and the bumper saved it from getting crushed. Yeah...I am a bit clumsy, but I am also a little thinner now. Probably couldn't crush one anymore.

    You install the mag bumpers by using the bumper itself as a guide to drill two small holes into the bottom of the magazine and then install using the sheetmetal screws that we supply with them. Be sure to drill holes that are SMALLER than the screws so that the screws will thread into the drilled holes, rather than just FALL into the holes. If you accidentally drill them too big, just get yourself some slightly larger screws and you can still install them.
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    Website says "Fits the Hi-Point 9mm w/ATI Stock, Hi-Point 995, and Hi-Point 995TS".

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    And the carbine mags fit the C9's?

    Bumpers, group buy?
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    Yes. Carbine mags will fit the C9, but C9 mags FO NOT fit the carbine.