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Sunday afternoon .22 project

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Still need to give it a seal coat on the stock. I used High Heat Aluminum engine paint and Gloss Black.


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Did you stiple the stock? Or is that just a trick of the light/flash?
i believe it is from the light.
Ok looks good then 8)
Wow that's a pretty slick job. The stock is a bit shinier than I like, but I like the black/silver look you have going there.
I agree with the shiny stock being too much. I should have gone with a flat black or a flat clear coat. I will probably redo it later.
What year is your 60? I got my first one, a '80 model in'83. Love the Marlins. Ever check out rimfirecentral.com?

Lots of good info there.
It is a 75c actually. It's shorter than the 60's. I am not sure what year it is. I have had it since I was 15.
Just got home from shooting the c9 and sighting in my .22. I really love the 9. I was thinking I didn't like carrying my ammo in a wal-mart sack to I found a remedy when I got home. This used to be a toy tool holder. I think it works pretty good.


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I got something similar that used to hold cassette tapes my. It just kinda looks like a brief case but its full of pistol ammo.
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