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    had a group of friends hold that they termed "man camp" it was a weekend of firearms, fire and and ATV's,

    on the first day they build a back stop for the "pistol range" out of telephone polls,railroad ties, and lots of dirt, I showed up on the second day there was about 15 people and 36 firearm(4 of witch were mine)

    my 995 generated a lot of interest i was doing my best to disprove all the rumors. It preformed flawless the only jam was because the guy who i was let shoot it didn't have the mag in all the way they were even more impressed when i told them i was lazy and haven't field striped and cleaned the 995 EVER and it has over 900 rounds on it .

    it was super fun we even had in impromptu tactical shoot with moving between targets(first time i had ever tired any thing like that it was very fun, i was even able to shoot a HP 9mm pistol and i will admit that i want one worse than before i shot it.

    i was also able to shoot some clay targets and that was also very fun i was able to use a Benelli 12 ga. shotgun with a mercury recoil reducer it was very nice and easy to shoot

    once one of the other guys posts the pics and vids online i will provide a link

    here is a photo of all the fire arms you will notice the 995 on the left its mine III/?action=view&current=FIREARMCOUNT.jpg

    here is a video of me useing my SW 99 to shot off some tracer rounds that i was given about 4 years ago (cant ever find a place to shoot them) guy i got them from said he had them 3 years before he gave them to me


    and the final shoot of the night
  2. I probably wouldn't have shot at the water. Bullets have been known to ricocchet off water. Your dirt backstop would have been the better choice.

    On the other hand that was an impressive array of firearms spread out there!

  3. Looks pretty nice though!
  4. Anyone that has never shot tracers really should get a few and give it a try.

    I got to shoot them on uncle sams dollar and I loved them :)
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    sounds like yall had a good time.