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  1. My local dealer/range has a Monday night .22 league I wanted to join. Not having a .22 pistol, I started looking around. My dealer didn't have much... Ruger & Browning. I didn't want to pay the big $$$ for a S&W 41 and they were out of model 22A's. So wanting to see what else is out there I happen to be by a Gander Mountain so I stopped in.

    They had the 22A and a Beretta U22 NEOS. I specifically asked the salesman if the Beretta was a 6" barrel mode and he said yes. I liked it's ergonomics best so I bought it. Took it directly to the range and it shot great. Later that night I'm looking at the paperwork and it says it's a 4-1/2" barrel. I jumped on the Berretta web site and compared photos and sure enough, it's a 4-1/2". Elation is now frustration.

    The next day I take the unregistered gun back to Gander Mountain and explain to the staff that I was sold the wrong gun. I intentionally did not make a fuss or accuse the salesman of any wrong doing. I offered-up that there was an innocent mistake made and I want either the longer gun or my money back.

    The Dept. Mgr. says all sales of guns are final. We go back and forth about how I fell I was sold the wrong gun, whether accidently or intentionally, and the Mgr saying I should have known what I was getting before buying. Finally I told the Mgr. that if I didn't get my money back, I would take the gun back home with me and dispute the charge on my credit card. They would get a chargeback and I most likely would end-up with a free parts gun. 5 minutes later I was leaving the store with a full refund including what I paid for the bullets I shot.

    So now I call the gun dealer who sold me my HP 995 & 45ACP. He doesn't have a store but rather sells at gun shows and swap meets. "Sure I can get you the Berretta in a couple of days" he tells me So after drilling into his head that it better be a 6" model in black & I expect a good deal having bought two other firearms from him in as many months, he goes and orders me the gun. Gave me a better price than Gander Mountain too.

    I go to pick it up today and sure enough, it's a black 6" NEOS. But it had these gawd-awful blue & black grips. I looked the dealer in the eye and said "this is the gayest gun I've ever seen." He then tells me that I have to take this one. It was a special order and he can't send it back. I was so frustrated and physically worn-out from a treadeshow over last weekend that I caved and took the gun.

    Wussy grips aside, the gun shoots great. All black grips are available for about the same amount as the savings he gave me on GM's price, so it's not so bad.

    But had I to do it all over again, I would have ordered the gun from my local dealer/range. I would have paid more, but I know I would have received exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, sometimes discount price does mean discount service.
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    I do everything I can do to support one of my local shops. They are like family to me. I have a dad in the old folks home. I take my dad into the gun store and sit him down in the lounge area (where you can sit and talk with folks) and we chat. I go to the owner and over 15 mins ask to see a few handguns and he hands them to me knowing that I am going to go over to my dad in the other side of the store and let him play with them. My dad got to see three handguns and two rifles and other gun guys who are in there all the time sat down and talked with us about other stuff. It ended up being a good time out for my dad. Try that in a chain store! grated we did not buy any guns today but the owners both understood what it meant to my dad to be able to come in and do that...

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    The only thing I would say is, if you did not stress to the dealer what you wanted with the grips, how could he know?

    As far as the first place you went to, I kind of agree with them a little bit. You knew what you wanted, yet you did not know how to check to make sure it was the correct model.

    The best thing to do is to never buy something that you are not sure of 100% that you are buying what you want and never order anything if you are not 100% sure of what you are going to get.
  4. The standard grips are all black. Two tone color grips are optional. The OEM-generated product label on the box indicates such. The dealer makes the point that I'm getting a more expensive gun. True enough, but I don't like the color. If i wanted something other than standard equipment, I would have asked for it.

    Ummm, the notion that I should have not trusted the word of the salesman and independently verify every detail does not sit easy with me. Hence my recommendation that one seeks out a proper retail specialist.

    I'm sure you are being sincere and not trying to pull my leg. Nor am I trying to be confrontational, but I specifically asked the salesman if the gun I was buying had a 6" barrel and was told "yes." To suggest that I should have been able to spot the difference and know that the gun was a 4-1/2', is ridiculous. If I could have done that, I never would have asked the question... or buy the gun.
  5. [​IMG]

    is this grip you were talking about?
    i thought it looks better than the black one


    how ever i think it look sharpest with the sliver two tone color.


    how much do you get it for? i have never shot a .22 semi, only on revolver. how does it shoot?
  6. i hope it wasn't this full blue grip.
    if so, you were right it's damn right gay.

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    I am not trying to be confrontational with you either, but the larger retail stores don't tend to have competent people behind the counter. Like buying ammo at Walmart. They are glad to get it for you, but they do not know what the hell you want or need.

    The two pistols do have different model numbers and catalog numbers according to Beretta's website, so it may have been on the box. As far as the other guy doing a special order for you, you probably could have ordered through the g a l l e r y o f g u n s . c o m website and had it sent to him. Then you would have been 100% sure of what you ordered and if it was wrong, you can return it. If I am buying a NIB pistol, I most likely will get it from that website, because it is usually 20%+ cheaper than my local shop. My local shops do tend to have decent deals on used firearms though.
  8. I would feel rather awkward asking him to do that. He is after all in business to make money. There is an auto parts store across the street from him that is also a gun dealer. Getting a FFL must be like getting a taxi cab license.

    Noob, it's the 2 tone royal blue & black that I got. The slide is an upgrade too with the NEOS logo. Woo-friggin-hoo. Thank gawd it wasn't that gayish 'Frog' blue.
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    If he is a dealer signed up with them, then his profit is built into the price. I have ordered a few from that site and had them sent to two different dealers. After talking with both, they told me that the price I paid the website includes their profit. They said they actually like it because it is no risk profit for them. You have already made a down payment on the site and they have it in their posession. You have so many days to come and get it or you forfeit your deposit. No risk for the dealer and he doesn't have to keep all kinds of inventory costing him and you money.

    FYI - This what shows up in my area for the Beretta U22 Neos 6 inch barrell all black. They have them in stock and:

    FRANKS GUN SHOP 3 of 3
    GuaranteeD YES-Lifetime Replacement Warranty Sale Price $232.93
    Location Davidsons Inventory Addt'l Fees $19.95
    Dealer Notes Tax $0.00
    We buy all machine guns, AOW’s, and destructive devices.
    Sub Total $252.88
    (Less Deposit) ($62.50)
    Balance $190.38
    (View Retailer Information)

    The subtotal is the OTD price. No additional fees on that.
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    Man, that gun looks sweet pimped out with all the options. I have to be honest though. With all the variations in grip colors, the weapon at first glance looks like an air pistol :)
  11. Did you even LOOK at the gun? Did you even read the paperwork?

    But it's someone elses fault. :roll:
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    From the artist's standpoint....MAN!! That is one crazy gun! I like :D Has quie the Phillip K. D.ick feel to it (Sad that I have to trick the auto-censor just to write my favourite author's name. Oh well, can't expect all software to be perfect...)

    It's a REALLY sharp looking gun, and I bet it's a blast to shoot.

    As far as supporting local shops go: I would gladly do so if all the damned dealers in this backwards village weren't a bag of tools. I just save my money for my monthly trips to Phoenix or take a day trip to J and G sales (did I mention those guys rock?)
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    Yeah, I'm still not understanding how you can look at the barrel and not realize that it's NOT 6". But I guess if you were excited, mistakes happen... no big deal.

    I also don't understand how being lied to by your local dealer, and then having a non-local guy get you a higher value gun, (you didn't specify grips). And after that, you decide to go back to the guy who lied to you?

    You can probably sell those grips for more than enough to buy a set of black grips.

    Paying more, for less, to a guy who lies to you, and then refuses to take it back until you threaten to screw him back, is better than buying from a guy who got you a higher value gun for less money, but you didn't happen to like the color of the grips... That's the lesson you learned from this?