Suppressing Fire using your sidearm (Swaga's tangent from Do you carry extra ammo?)

Discussion in 'Training' started by SWAGA, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. SWAGA

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    I’m thinking in this day and time you may need some ‘suppressive’ time-to-run-and-get-away fire against a larger group of un-friendlies.
    From the blue track suit video you can see how much of a pandemonium a handful of shots create.
    Not knowing the identity nor the position of the shooter.
    Might be a reason for an extra mag.
  2. Rachgier

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    Suppressing fire... tha fuck you been smokin'?

    If you don't know the who or where, what the hell are you going to be suppressing and in what direction?
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  3. SWAGA

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    ‘Suppressive’ in the sense of keeping a mob from coming after you and generally keep everybody running and confused.
    Not aimed shots targeting a specific threat per se.
    Poor choice of words maybe but still technically correct:

    Maybe ‘dispersing’ is a better word.
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  4. Rachgier

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    No, it's not. You're not just going to fire indiscriminately, with a handgun, in the general direction of a large group of people to back them off and you're not going to fire spoilers. That's called catching felonies. If you want to stop an angry mob that you believe is immediately intent on committing grievous injury and damage to your person... shoot the closest mf'er to you. If you're going to catch a felony for pulling the trigger, you might as well put a body on that bullet.

    And you're seriously going to quote military tactics to me, of all people? Now I know you're dumber than a box of rocks.
  5. SWAGA

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    Back off grumpy.
    I don’t think you’d give a fuck about felonies when you’re being chased by a mob, which is exactly what posters above me were referring to.
    Nobody said firing “into” a crowd except you.
    Stop twisting what I’m trying to say.
    When a mob decides you look like Roosevelt or Johnson they’ll scatter when the shootings starts.
    Which is when you get away.

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  6. Rachgier

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    Did I say in to the crowd? No, I said in the general direction of. I even specifically referenced warning shots and spoilers. If you're so scared of a mob of people that you'll pull your sidearm and pop off a few warning shots, you're an idiot.

    And suppressing fire is aimed AT the threat in an effort to keep them from being able to return fire. So tell me again how blasting round off indiscriminately is "suppressing" anyone? All you're doing is giving away your position, your defensive capabilities, and inviting yourself to be shot by somebody in your hoard of angry basement dwellers or the cops.

    Like I said before. If I believe that my health and safety are in jeopardy by an approaching mob... I'm fuckin' shootin' somebody.
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  7. greg_r

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    suppressing fire in a social setting and you will be going away to the hoosegow.

    by definition you are blindly firing to cause the the other people to keep their heads down. you even state this. a military tactic that does not play well in the civilian world.
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  8. SWAGA

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    A’right, I’ve seen the error of my ways.
    No more random shooting into rioting crowds...:(
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  9. Think1st

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    If your being surrounded by a mob, they'll most likely back off after you shoot the first one. If one of them is armed (as seems to be the case at this point) that person, however, will probably shoot back at you. The unarmed members of that mob will probably try not to get between you and that person, so the mob will get back from you and stay back. At that point, the only one you'll be able to shoot at will be that armed individual who is engaging you.

    Does anyone remember the guy in (Seattle if memory serves) who was surrounded by a mob when he accidentally drove into the midst of protesters, who then shot one of them who punched him through his window? Those people (term loosely used) all moved back from him very quickly.

    There will be no need for suppressive fire, as reckless as the practice would be. A mob will not do a human wave towards an armed individual, taking casualties until you run out of ammo. Mobs only remain violent so long as they maintain an advantage over their solitary, unarmed victims.
  10. Hook it up to the alarm horn and use the panic button on the key fob (and encourage your neighbors to do the same).
  11. ajole

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    NE Utah
    If I ever fire my gun in public, it’s aimed at something. Probably the biggest BA in the group, or the little squirrel leading the way. If that something has a mask on and puts me in fear for my be it.
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  12. moona11

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    A mob of angry people decide to come for me. I ain't waiting to take the first hit. Hence all the ammo. It not for shooting over heads. The closer they are the easier it is the get more.
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  13. Bet a couple initial rounds of Dragon's Breath would disperse a mob.
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  14. Rerun

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    Works on murder hornets, also.


    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    One thing I will agree with James Yeager on............ closest, loudest craziest one gets it first. If that doesn't work shoot #2.
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  16. SWMBO asks "where would you be shooting that ?" my reply was nowhere until it's absolutely needed.:D

    A magazine full of .22LR Firestorm rounds would work for mob control as well.
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    This whole thread has been kinda disappointing...

    Not one word on suppressors, silencers, or even the US GI wool blanket wrapped around a rifle's muzzle to reduce the noise of the shot!

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  18. There is now, nice addition!
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    VS the poof of feathers from a down pillow?
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  20. SWAGA

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    You would want the crowd to scatter and start thinking about saving their own lives rather then ending yours.
    So you’d want the noise.
    Angry old white people with guns lol


    Somebody should teach her how to hold a gun and in the video he sweeps his wife multiple times lol.