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  1. rodka

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    what is the most accurate surplus rifle under $400, dont care what caliber or country of origin just want it to be accurate and easy to mount a scope on and have a polymer stock made for it. The polymer stock isnt a must have though.
  2. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

    what range? i personally prefer the mosin's or the sks, even after buying the rifle you have enough money left over to customize it to your liking and still stay under 400

  3. For the money, Mosin. There are two different scope mounts for it, one requires a drill and tap. The other requires a Long Eye relief scope that fits a rail that mounts in the place the rear site sits.
  4. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    K31 will beat a mosin any day.

  5. rodka

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    man i looked up those k31's and you were right Silicon Wolverine they are accurate and i like the straight pull bolt looks like a good idea and would be easy to use.
  6. Ari

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    K31 will out shoot any surplus firearms made. They also make a very nice no tap scope mount for them. The K31s are starting to dry up, and there prices are starting to go up. Once they are gone there values will climb fast. I would not be shocked to see the values of the K31s above the $400 mark in the next few years. So it would not be a weapon that one would want to tap as this would kill the value. Here is a bad photo of one with the no tap mount. You might want to check your local pawn shop you could just find a gun someone had done lots of the work for you.

  7. Problem with the K31 is the price of the ammo

    Getting a rifle in 8mm or 7.62x54R will result in a rifle that is much cheaper to shoot, taking into account that not everyone is a reloader.
  8. rodka

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    ive got an m91/30 and they are accurate and all but its just too dang long i would like an m44 if they were as accurate but i dont know.
  9. HPHooked

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    Try a K98 Mauser. 8mm ammo is still fairly cheap and the German's used it as a sniper weapon to great effect in WW2.
  10. I'd have to agree with the guys supporting the K31 idea. I have wanted one of them for years now, and I never seem to be able to get my hands on one.
  11. I would love to have one, but the price of the ammo keeps me from it.
  12. Ari

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    In the long run you will have to reload. As the prices are starting to go up on the 8mm and the 7.62x54. The brass is easy to get for the K31 and it shoots a .308 cal projectile. Now when you compare that to the to the cost of bullets for the 7.62x54 .310 cal it cost way less. Most of your bulk bullet makers are making a .308 and not a .310. I have not been able to find bullets in bulk for my Mauser .323 or my Mosin. I can get 250 .308 150gr bullets for $29. I would really like to shoot my Mauser and My SMLE more but the bullets are killing me. So I stick to my rifles that shoot .308.