Survival boat?

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  2. Gotta admit its a cool idea if u live near water but don't have the means to store transport, or deal with a solid haul boat. Would have to do extensive research on them and read unbiased reviews before droppin that kinda money on one, and would certainly always have life vests within reach while in it. Cool idea though if u have an suv and wanna take it on a cross country road trip of camping.

  3. Thats pretty cool
  4. That's pretty cool there :) I would also like to do more research into them, but it's a heck of an idea if nothing else. Living in Wisconsin, where we have thousands of lakes, this sort of thing would prove most useful in a SHTF situation I would think, not to mention just being fun to go out on the lake with for a day :D

    Like I said though, gonna have to do more research :)
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    After seeing some pics of it folded and unfolded from a few angles I think One might actually be able to make this themself, A few sheets of aluminum, or whatever, a couple feet of durable rubber, A few screwes and a drill and a saw, and some good apoxy or resin.

    Really doesnt look all that difficult, I think the main selling point is conveniance, It is already made no fuss no muss.

    Not a project I will take on but I'll file that in the back of my mind as something to try if the need arised. Never ever know.