Survival camping in the wilderness - any personal stories?

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    My getaway idea is to HIKE yes Hike to southwest Kansas with backpack, tent and knife. Figure I can make ~ 20 miles per day. Live off edible plants, cook snakes over a fire. Stay there until the mood tells me to set out again. The next post I send might be from Montana. Has anyone done this?
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    Been camping once since I was a kid. On the banks of the Pouder river in Colorado. Started raining like hell, river rose 5" in an hour. Tent, mud, everything in the trunk, went home and watched tv.

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    Hiking to your buyout location is probably the best way to get somewhere without having to worry about blocked roads or being confined to major routes where ambushes are likeliest to occur. It is imperative, though, that you train for this. I did the Bataan Death March heavy category, once, and the 26.2 miles was bad enough on it's own. To have done it a second day in a row would have been VERY unpleasant.

    Also, have you thought of your food plans in the winter? Snakes won't be very plentiful. You may need to carry most of your food or come up with another forage source.
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    This girl did (except she brough some food with her):

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    Nope..... But you'd be lucky to find a stringy jackrabbit this time of year in SW Kansas...
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    Hey, isn't that Reese Witherspoone in that New movie she did?
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    Yep its called basic training. SWAGA yours didn't count we all watched Top Gun :-D
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    Oh please, 8 weeks of "How to sexually harass and fraternize with your subordinates" does not constitute basic training.
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    But surely SWAGA had tougher than that. :-D

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    SWAGA thinks he's hot :p
  12. Better check the laws. I'm in no way against it. But most states have a law against killing animals without a hunting season, immediate danger. Or starving. (Some may not consider voluntarily camping as starving :p)

    But if you can do it. More power to you. And congrats. More gumption than me.

    But I bought a house in the woods so I didn't need to go camping. It's even in the side of a "mountain " so hiking sure is easy to get to.
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    Even though I served in the US Navy, I have always enjoyed camping and hiking, living out of Your backpack for a couple of weeks on end.

    Only during the summer months and with like minded friends.

    Have hiked more than 300 miles of the Appalachian Trail through Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and into Pennsylvania.

    I try to keep my pack's weight at 40-45 pounds. I wear long pants and long shirts with a wide brimmed hat. Good hiking boots, two pair of socks, a single burner butane stove with three stainless steel pots and a plastic cup. I used a combination fork/spoon utensil for eating with just like the Werhmacht used during WW II.

    A good Ka-Bar on my hip, a Swiss Army issue camp knife for general camp chores, a .38 Special (20 rounds) tucked in my pocket and an AR-7 (50 rounds) packed in my pack. I carried two 24 inch wood cutting blades in a round metal film can and some 'survival' items to see me through the tough times.

    My sleeping bag was a GI issue poncho in Woodland camo with a liner - more than good enough for most nights. A change of clothes and four extra pairs of socks.

    Food was C-rations at first supplemented with home made GORP, and later MRE's as they become more available.

    A First Aid Kit, Map and Compass, head light, flashlight, and money for a pay phone rounded out the kit.

    Oh, yeah - bathing suit, toothbrush and tooth paste and toilet paper in a zip lock bag.

    Still pretty much what I take when I go out.

    Except now, I bring my fully charged cell phone and a hand crank recharging device.

  14. MaryB

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    2 weeks in the boundary waters canoe area solo with just a canoe, sleeping bag, tarp, rope, knife, fishing equipment, and a pistol for bear protection. Ate well foraging wild greens and catching fish, trapped a couple rabbits too. Canoed 40 miles and 7 portages. I was young at one time and not broken down like now.
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    I wouldn't call it "survival" camping but I used to go spend a few weeks at a time on my 42 acre camp, would bring a .22, fishing pole, tent, a few potatoes and some seasoning to go with whatever I could catch or shoot. Usually ended up with fish, a few squirrels or a rabbit...on the worst days it was some leathery woodpeckers or random other birds lol.
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    Oh and beer and water, can't forget beer and water, the water for cleaning and beer for drinking....also for making woodpecker or mockingbird with a nice beer gravy...mmm
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    Thanks for your thoughtful replies. I already have the one person tent, knife, 22 / 410 combo and clothes. Used to bike ride ~ 70 mi a day so am not counting on my old legs to give out. Area around SubletteKS is my goal.
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    Well at least there are no hills in Kansas
  19. TRWXXA

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    Flint Hills

    Gypsum Hills

    Red Hills

    Yep. Good thing.
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    Channeling Crocodile Dundee:
    Those aren't hills.
    These are hills.

    In WV we call those speed bumps. Of course, these may not be here all that much longer, thanks to mountain top mining.

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