Survival Knife For 10 Cents

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  1. I remember reading that a while back. Very cool, and something I would like to make sometime.

  2. 69burbon

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    I'll have to try that. Looks pretty cool.
  3. That's neat. I'll be wanting to try that myself.
  4. Uraijit

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    I'd sure hate to use that with the saw blade still on the handle. I'd wrap it in para cord, or something...
  5. z71silverado98

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    Neat idea, but seems like a lot of work for a little knife. Now if someone sold them for $0.10 I'd place a large order.
  6. gaowlpoop

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    I made 2 last night. It was a fun project. They are now in our backpacks. Thanks for the idea.
  7. I made 4 of these when I got home from work yesterday.

    The blade doesnt affect handeling at all... they work pretty good and only take about 5 min to make...
  8. z71,

    Tell you what bud... I will make a few for ya, price will be $.25 ea, plus S&H. Been a while since that article was posted and cost of living has went up, hense the price hike from $.10 to $.25. :) :)

    One a more serious note... the web site has a good bit of cool info, guy seems to be hooked on survival and preps. Been keeping tabs on his site for a couple years now and always enjoy reading his articles.
  9. neothespian

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    This is why I keep a roll of theatrical gaffer's tape: Cloth based but with the resilliance better than Duct Tape. Perfect for this kind of application.

    Great mod!! You should really submit this to in their blog section.
  10. Those of you that have made them, how sharp can you really get it? What is it strong enough to cut?
  11. I cut a 1" stick in half with the saw side.....

    I also widdled it to a point after that. Have not toughed it to a shapening stone...... Just with the bench grinder. I will bring you a couple when we go shoot Primal...
  12. Neat idea to have a little blade like that handy. The website is very informative too. :shock:
  13. Uraijit

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  14. neothespian

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    Try the place I always buy my gaffer's tape: Full Compas.

    Pretty good prices, and they offer a union discount :D
  15. Strangerous

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    I like the secret discounts you get for paying to be part of the union, however, is gaffer's tape anything like splicing tape.
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  17. AndrewST

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    Not to kill the thread for you gaffer tape guys. But if anyone can make these I would love to buy a number of them from you.

    I have a couples knives but these seems like something great to have in a BOB, I just don't have the tools to make them.

    Anyone? PM me if ya can!